Gum Disease
Teeth are very significant because through these we are able to have proper intake of food and thus remain away from the deficiencies of diversity that can result into diseases and conditions. We have therefore a basic conduct concerning teeth care and oral hygiene so that we continue to enjoy our foods and health. People failing in proper oral care and hygiene suffer from different teeth diseases and a general weakness that could lead to tooth fall. However, it has been found that even in cases of proper care of teeth, some people do develop a general weakness and associated disorders. Heredity has been also traced as a reason for this anomaly! Gum disease is one such condition wherein the tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth gets affected. The gums become loose and teeth become vulnerable to early fall.

According to the dentist offering best gum treatment in Magarpatta Hadapsar, in most cases, gum disease is caused by the plaque that develops as a thick layer and contains lots of oral bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for weakening of the tissue gradually. The definitive aspect of this disease is that the person never feels any pain and thus fails to notice the progression of it. However, the gum disease could be diagnosed through simple signs that are easy to catch by anyone. These signs are the precursors of the gum disease or signify the early stage; and if noticed at right time, the person could be helped with resurrections. Dental clinic in Pune, India lists these7 common signs and symptoms that should be read a warning!

1. Bleeding gums

bleeding from the gums signify the bad health of the gum tissue that starts to loose out gradually. This could be due to various reasons including Vitamin C deficiency!

2.Swollen and red gums with tenderness

swelling and redness in the gums could be associated with bleeding and generally also involves tenderness. This signifies further weakening of the gums and onset of gingivitis – the starting stage of gum disease.

3.Gums getting pulled off from teeth

this stage depicts that the gum tissue has started to loosen out and is leaving the tooth that gets vulnerable to fall! This is a definite sign of the existence of gum disease!

4.Bad breath or bad taste

bad breath could be the significator for the gum disease. Bad breath shows excess build up of bacteria in mouth cavity and hence fast deterioration of gum health over time.

5.Change in the alignment or fit of teeth during biting

change in the alignment or fit reflects that the gums have loosened to the extent of teeth getting mutually disconfigured.

6.Change in the fit of the dentures in mouth

dentures, the artificial teeth products find change in their fit as experienced by the person. This happens because the existing teeth are changing position due to weakened and loose gums.

7.Teeth getting loose

dental clinic in Pune considers this as a common sign of gum disease that has advanced to mid stage atleast so that the teeth have got loose too!

These signs should be taken care of at the right time to avoid the gum disease and keep the teeth healthy for long. Dentist offering best gum treatment in Magarpatta Hadapsar says that if treated early, the gum disease could be eliminated fully!

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