Fun Oral Health Tips To Teach Your Kids
While as adults we understand the need to maintain a good oral hygiene, children are unable to apprehend its importance. They have to be not just reminded of healthy practices that needed to be followed but also to be explained in an amusing approach so that it stays with them. The idea is to instill healthy oral habits and replace any fear/ anxiety about oral health with optimism and proper instruction. Being the best pediatric dentist in Pune, we at Creative Dental Clinic, always stress on maintaining a good dental hygiene from the very start. As we always recommend to our patients, we share with you some tips that will make it easier for you to instill healthy dental habits in your children:

1. Brushing/Flossing:

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The most important habit of brushing/flossing should be inculcated in children from a very early age, where you demonstrate them the correct way to brush/floss, making it a daily routine. If your child doesn’t cooperate and resists the practice, include some interactive routines like buying their favorite cartoon character toothpaste/toothbrush, playing their favorite rhyme while brushing to keep them excited or use a battery operated toothbrush with their favorite music.

2. Be their idol:

Children naturally pick up their parents’ habits and behavior, making it all the more important for you follow healthy oral habits and lead them by example. You can encourage them by brushing/flossing in front of them or with them while they are practicing.

3. Educate them:

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With interactive stories and videos, you can educate them about various dental problems like tooth decay and cavities and how to prevent them. Once they know the dangers, they would want to avoid any dental troubles and follow healthy oral habits.

4. Healthy food habits:

While the above practices are necessary, but if your kid is constantly consuming junk food, none of the above routines will help in maintaining good oral health. To make them eat healthy food, you can ask them to help prepare food for you or go grocery shopping and tell them about the nutrition value/ benefits of eating fruits, veggies, etc.

5. Dental Visits:

Children often have fear/anxiety when it comes to a dental visit. To overcome this fear, start taking them for regular visits from an early age. Make the trip a fun adventure with your kid where they learn and see new things, rather than a reward based routine. Having the best dentists in Pune, at Creative Dental, Clinic, we provide an environment that is pleasant and complacent for kids. Our personalized services and decades of experience in the field of dentistry make us the renowned dental clinic in Pune.

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