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We have all heard the saying “The first impression is the last impression”. Your smile is probably the first thing people notice about you. Individuals with a charming smile often ooze out confidence and have an attractive personality. Your smile is a part of your identity and the more you smile, people are likely to remember you. Whether it is for a family portrait or a job interview, a smile on your face certainly makes a memorable experience.

However, if you are unhappy with your smile or how your teeth look, you may refrain from smiling and tend to smile less. There are multiple reasons by which a good smile may be affected by multiple reasons. Cosmetic dentistry has emerged as a ray of light for individuals who are seeking assistance to enhance their smile or make minor/major cosmetic changes. Owing to the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, at present, individuals can get the perfect smile they have been longing for.

Creative Dental Clinic is one of the leading dental clinics for cosmetic dentistry in Pune. With a team of highly trained and experienced dental specialists, Creative Dental Clinic has emerged as one of the best dentists in Magarpatta. Focussed on offering the best dental treatments and solutions, our team of dental experts ensures our patients feel comfortable and relaxed before and at the time of the treatment.

It is essential to understand how cosmetic dentistry could potentially improve your smile. Let’s take a closer look at the various ways cosmetic dentistry could enhance your smile.

1. Teeth whitening

teeth whitneing

Teeth whitening has gained a significant amount of momentum in recent years. As individuals are getting more conscious about how they look,teeth whitening is at its peak. There are several cases in which individuals have a well-aligned pair of teeth with no real complications. However, at times the color of the teeth may be the issue as they appear stained and yellow in color. Hence, individuals shy away from smiling and are very conscious about the same. However, with the advent of cosmetic dentistry, the issue related to stained or yellow teeth can be easily tackled with teeth whitening.

2. Veneers

As the name rightly suggests, typically, Veneers are very thin layers of porcelain that are placed over your teeth to solve a wide spectrum of issues. Veneers are widely used to hide the stains on your teeth, fill in the uneven spacing between the teeth, and to improve your smile. One of the main benefits of veneers is that one does not have to make any alterations or very little alterations to the natural teeth. Moreover, the veneers made of porcelain are highly durable and can be used to cover your cosmetic imperfections for several years to come.

3. Icon

An icon is disruptive and a cutting-edge technology that has the ability to penetrate through the lesions present on the teeth to get rid of the visible spots on the enamel of the tooth. The spots start to develop when the acids and plaque start to erode the surface of the Tooth. When the white spots start to develop on the surface of the tooth, the spots tend to become discolored as you consume food and drinks. In addition, white spots can also be seen due to trauma to the tooth or intake of excess fluoride. An Icon is a product or a technology used to eliminate the white spots by adopting an effective non-invasive and painless procedure.

4. Fast Braces

In the last decade, fast braces have gained immense popularity in the dental field. As conventional braces can take around two years to completely align your teeth, fast braces, as the name suggests are faster and highly effective. Compared to the traditional braces, fast braces straighten your smile in about half the time and thus gained a significant demand.

Creative Dental Clinic is a modern dental clinic in Pune that offers a wide range of cosmetic dental treatment along with other treatments such as dental implants, root canal, tooth extraction etc. Out of the multiple dentists in Magarpatta, Creative Dental Clinic is considered to be the best dental clinic due to a combination of highly trained specialist from King’s College, London; Dr. Prathamesh Joshi, disciplined staff and a team of highly accomplished and qualified dental experts.

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