3 Simple Secrets Of Healthy Teeth
“Why do I get cavities when I brush twice a day?” This thought is likely to have crossed your mind every time you have to visit the dentist for tooth decay. The answer is that brushing alone is simply not enough. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria multiply in areas where food has accumulated in the mouth. This produces acids which then corrode the teeth, leading to cavities. Around 12 hours pass between your morning and bedtime brushing routine, and that provides ample time for bacteria to multiply. Therefore other methods are necessary to help you to keep your teeth decay free.

These three steps are very simple as:


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First and foremost brush your teeth twice daily; in the morning after you wake up and also before going to bed. It is recommended that you use toothbrush and toothpaste only.  Substances like tooth powder (both brown and white) or mishry (sugar candy) are not recommended to clean teeth. These may cause more harm than good – they may be too abrasive and wear out the teeth or will accumulate between your teeth and become perfect breeding grounds for microbes. Similarly Use normal fluoridated toothpaste only.



Swishing is a lot like gargling, and not at all difficult to do. Remember to swish after every meal.  Take a sip of water and close your mouth. Make sure that your upper and lower rows of teeth touch. Your mouth now forms two “compartments” – the inner compartment behind your teeth, the other smaller one between your lips and teeth. The water you sipped is in the inner compartment behind your teeth. Now, move your cheeks and tongue to “push” the water outwards, keeping your lips closed. The water will pass through the gaps between the teeth and it will clean the hard-to-reach corners. This prevents the formation of deposits called plaque, which causes tooth decay. Then Suck the water in the outer compartment in. This flushing action should be repeated 3 times at least.



Flossing is one of the simplest but the most neglected techniques.  Dental floss looks like a little piece of coated string. It is used to clean out the tiny gaps between teeth, which are quite hard to reach, even with a tooth brush. It helps prevent plaque accumulation and deposits. Floss regularly, at least once every day. The floss that comes with a little handle is very easy to use, and is disposable. If you have large gaps between teeth, use inter-dental brush regularly.

These three steps along with a regular dental check up every 6 months can keep your teeth clean and healthy.

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