Dental Health Resolutions
We all make New Year resolutions in good faith to attain the best for our life pertaining to wealth, career, and family wellness.  But have you ever thought of creating resolutions for a better dental health? Never mind if you have not done it till now, as the New Year has just begun and you can still make it. Understanding the benefits of these dental resolutions can be one of the motivating factors to keep up your resolution.

Having rendered comprehensive treatment for dental illness for numerous patients and renowned for dental implants in Pune, it is infact our wish that everybody under the sky take good care of their oral health. And hence it would not be out of place if we guide you with four easy to maintain resolutions that can pave way for excellent dental health. Let us begin.

  1. Regular Diagnosis Of Your Dental Health: So, if you have not visited your dentists for the last twelve months, it is time to break the habit and schedule an appointment with your dentist. Many of us simply ignore sensitivity in our teeth or bleeding gums and carry on with our daily schedule. Definitely, these small problems are not life-threatening, but can easily develop into bigger issues if not nipped at the beginning.
  1. Follow Basic Dental Care Procedures: We always encounter patients with tooth infection who says that they brush twice a day. But unfortunately, that is not sufficient. Even with a thorough brushing, it is never possible to completely remove food particles that are either entangled between slender teeth gaps or located at the nooks and corners of your mouth. The only solution is to carry out flossing at least once a day (preferably in the night before retiring to bed) and rinsing your mouth after every meal. By adopting this simple technique, it is definitely possible to outsmart those bacteria that cause tooth infection and decay!
  1. Cut Down Unhealthy Food: Even with good oral habits, it may not be possible to retard the risks of dental illness, if good eating habits are not followed. For instance, avoiding at least reducing the intake of sugary substances, sweets, refined flours, and sweetened aerated drinks can do wonders for your teeth and their health. Believe us, the relationship between sugar intake and teeth decay has been very well established through several research studies and hence how about replacing your colas with water or sweets with fruits?
    1. Quit Ill Habits: If you are of the opinion that smoking and alcohol consumption affects only your lungs and liver, it is high time you realize the ill effects it creates in your mouth.
        1. 1.The risk factor associated with gum diseases easily gets doubled
        1. 2.Enhances the chances or oral cancer
        1. 3.Discoloration of teeth
      1. 4.Constant bad breath

In short, these ill habits can create catastrophic dental health that may be very difficult to cure or heal. Hence try to cut down smoking and alcohol or better quit them completely at the earliest possible opportunity.

Well, these are the four resolutions we wanted you to take up this year. Believe us, once you are committed towards these four resolutions, your chances of developing major dental issues get more or less eliminated. To know more benefits of good dental care, you can always schedule an appointment with our dentist in Pune and pave way for better life.

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