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It is a known fact that technology has made a huge impact on our lives. Technological advancements have led to the discovery of several new avenues and treatments in the dental field as well. One of the most groundbreaking advances made in the dental field is arguably the onset of dental implants.

In recent years, dental implants have emerged as an excellent replacement for a missing tooth. In addition, dental implants are independent and also protect your teeth from an additional burden. Prior to dental implants, dental bridges and dentures were the only alternatives to replace a missing tooth. However, dental implants have proven to be reliable and highly effective compared to the aforementioned alternatives.

Creative Dental Clinic And Implant Centre has trained postgraduate from prestigious King’s College, London; Dr. Prathamesh Joshi along with other skilled dentists in Pune that offers a wide range of services with dental implants like replacing multiple teeth with implants, all teeth on 4 implants, sinus grafting, bone grafting and stabilizing loose denture with implants etc. Our dental clinic in Hadapsar boasts state-of-the-art dental equipment, modern clinic with advanced facilities, and a team of highly experienced dental professionals. Our objective is to offer the best treatment to all the patients and ensuring their dental hygiene and health.

There are several dental clinic in Hadapsar and hence, they are considered to be the best way to replace a missing tooth. Let’s take a closer look as to why dental implants have gained popularity in the last decade.

1. Dental implants restrict teeth movement

Often, gaps form between the teeth due to the removal of the tooth, then the adjacent teeth shift from their actual position causing several issues. However, dental implants restrict the shifting of the teeth and ensure that the tooth at its original position and preventing future problems of decay or food lodgement.

2. Dental implants preserve the jaw bone

In circumstances when a tooth is missing in the jaw, the resorption of jawbone begins. However, dental implants efficiently fill in the gaps present after removal of the root of the tooth and ensure the bone surrounding is retained.

3. Dental implants are reliable compared to dentures

Compared to conventional dentures, dental implants are highly comfortable and do not affect the process of chewing. In contrast, dentures are likely to slip, become loose, irritate or injure gums at any point of the time and thus, eating food can become a tedious task. In addition, dentures also affect speech and require regular maintenance and periodic replacement. Hence, although the initial cost of dental implants is high compared to dentures, in the long-run, implants are long term and cost-effective.

4. Dental implants are more effective than bridges


Similar to the effect of dentures, bridges are also highly uncomfortable and also impact the supporting teeth. In addition, jaw bone may reabsorb because continuous food lodgement below the bridged area, thereby affecting supporting teeth, and could lead to severe dental complications like pain due to decay requiring filling, root canal treatment or sometimes even a removal if badly decayed. Hence, dental implants are highly effective for long-term use compared to bridges as they do not affect the surrounding teeth.

Creative Dental Clinic and Implant Centre is one of the most well-established dental clinics for dental implants in Pune. Our team of highly experienced and trained dental professionals is committed to offering the best dental treatments to all our patients. In addition, we also offer insights regarding dental health and hygiene to all our patients.

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