Poor Oral Hygiene Affects Your Overall Health
Many of us have a fair understanding of how poor oral hygiene and health can lead to cavities and gum diseases. Moreover, poor oral hygiene could lead to infections in the gums and the mouth. However, did you know that multiple serious health issues are directly linked to your overall dental health? It is important to note that unhygienic and neglected dental health can lead to severe complications and health issue in the other parts of the body.

Dental experts at Creative Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, a well renowned dental clinic suggest that dental health is as important as your overall general health. Your mouth is the only part of the body that acts as a gateway to the external world. Moreover, your mouth is one of the biggest indicators of what is happening inside your body. It is safe to say that without dental hygiene, one cannot stay healthy.

Let’s highlight the various health problems caused due to poor dental hygiene.

1. Cardiovascular health problems

Several studies have revealed that inflammation of the gums increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke. According to a study conducted by the Canadian Academy of Periodontology, the risk of a heart disease is higher amongst patients with periodontal disease. Multiple other studies have suggested that inflammation is linked to heart diseases. It is important for dentists to ask the patients about their cardiovascular health and history with any heart disease.

2. Diabetes

We are aware that individuals with diabetes are at a higher risk of acquiring a gum disease. However, recent developments in the dental industry have revealed that gum diseases play a crucial role in the development of diabetes as it makes an impact on blood glucose control in the body. Hence, it is essential to maintain oral hygiene to decrease the risk of acquiring diabetes.

3. Lungs

Periodontal diseases increase the number of bacteria in your mouth. Since people with periodontal diseases have more bacteria in the mouth, the risk of inhaling germs is high. Hence, the risk of acquiring lung infection such as pneumonia is higher amongst individuals with periodontal diseases. Moreover, patients who are suffering from existing lung issues such as obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), gum diseases may worsen.

4. Pregnancy and oral health

As discussed earlier, oral health affects overall general health as well. Research has revealed that the chances of developing gestational diabetes are high amongst pregnant women with gum diseases. Moreover, pre-term delivery and low weight of the baby at the time of the delivery are other side effects of poor dental health on pregnant women.

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