Root canal treatment
Have you ever experienced an unbearable tooth pain? Under such circumstance, one tries to wait for a few days so that the pain subsides. However, if the pain persists, it is important to consult your dentist immediately. Not all types of tooth pain require a root canal. After examining your tooth, your dentist will offer a clear insight regarding the causes of the pain and if a root canal procedure is required.

Individuals often shy away from visiting a dentist as the stories and myths that revolve around this subject often hint at tremendous pain and discomfort. Creative Dental Clinic and Implant Centre has a well-reputed dentist in Pune and one of the best dentists for root canal treatment in Pune.

Let’s discuss the key indicators that suggest that you may require undergoing a root canal procedure to treat tooth decay and infection.

1. Severe tooth pain

When you experience a severe or a moderate tooth pain while drinking hot and cold liquids or while eating hot and cold food, it is an indicator that there might be a cavity or huge decay in the tooth and a root canal treatment may be necessary to tackle the pain.

2. Pain while chewing

Often you may experience an excruciating pain while chewing or biting. You may also witness a
slight swelling of your gum. The tooth could be potentially tender and may require a root canal.

3. Painkillers needed to cure pain

When the tooth pain is the main reason why you are not able to sleep at night and you are
depending on painkillers for relief, this can be another crucial indicator that you may need a root canal.

4. Pus or a boil on gums

If you notice a boil on your gums that resembles a pimple, it suggests that your tooth has bad
infection and a root canal treatment may be required to treat the same.

5. Pain radiating to other parts of the body

Very often, the pain originates from the tooth and starts to radiate to the other parts of the jaw or head. The prime example of this is the pain in your ear when the problem is lying in the lower back tooth.

Pro’s and Con’s of a root canal


Relieves pain from tooth infection and decay
You could potentially save a tooth from being removed
Reduces the risk of biting problems


The tooth will be more prone to fractures if not reinforced with cap or onlay
Needs more time than just a removal

Post root canal treatment care

After the entire process is complete, your dentist will give you crucial instructions that will help you manage the pain effectively. It is very important to follow the guidelines suggested to you by the dentist to post a root canal treatment. Don’t bite your lips or tongue during numbness. After the initial numbness wears out, you may experience a slight tenderness in the area near the root canal treated tooth for a few days.

Here are the few things you might experience after a root canal treatment

1. Slight or severe pain for a few days
2. Your bite may feel uneven

Our team at Creative Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, a well-established dentist in Pune, has a
vast and rich experience in this field and strive to offer the best treatment solutions for your teeth. Our aim is to offer the best dental services for a root canal treatment in Pune efficiently and in a cost-effective fashion.

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