Latest Trends Of Cosmetic Dentistry
An important meeting, planned date, marriage party, or clicking a selfie are occasions to smile. A smile is the charm of your face and personality, but sometimes you become too conscious in giving it. There are several reasons why you feel shy and underconfident; poor oral hygiene is one of them. It may be your gummy smile, the uneven orientation of teeth, tooth loss, or an orthodontic problem. But 2020 is trending with many cosmetic solutions, perfect for lifting your smile. Instead of feeling shy, and refraining from giving a good laugh, resort to a
cosmetic dentist in Pune, for giving you a perfect solution.

In the past few years, there has been a revolution in the field of dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry in Pune is the latest branch of it. The infusion of the latest technology offers various solutions at affordable prices, thereby increasing access to dental services. Here are some latest trends of cosmetic dentistry such as:

  1.  Dental Implants- Once, dental implants were looked upon as an old man thing, but now no more. The latest trends indicate, younger clientele suffering from tooth loss, teeth gaps, and uneven tooth/teeth are more interested in dental implants as a solution. Not only does it benefit them in looking good but also helps retain the normal functioning of teeth. The latest natural improved models of dental implants are more realistic and comprehensive in approach.
  2. Teeth Whitening– The market is flooded with teeth whitening toothpaste and rinses; still people look for time-saving and more appropriate dental tooth whitening solutions. White shiny teeth of course boost the confidence of clientele.
  3. Gum Reshaping– Those suffering from gummy smiles, gum infections or tooth infections can look for gum reshaping as a solution. It uses laser technology to reshape the gumline; arranging gums and teeth proportionally.
  4. Porcelain Veneers -Porcelain veneers have extensive usage in dental treatments. They are used to fix dental issues like discoloration, misalignment, and sometimes an assortment of teeth to give you a perfect smile. Though it is used to mend several issues, it is considered a last resort after trying out various solutions.
  5. Invisalign– It is receiving an overwhelming response because, in comparison to the old braces, these are very much convenient to use. It uses advanced computer-generated removable molds to correct crooked teeth, giving you a translucent correct smile.

 Creative Dental offers safe and effective cosmetic dentistry in Pune. Our team has qualified and adept cosmetic dentists in Pune, who performs a detailed study of the patient’s mouth, and provides the most appropriate and long-lasting dental solutions. To reach out to us, you can check our website now.

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