Need of regular dental checkup
Visiting a dentist for a regular checkup is something everyone
should look forward to. Very often, individuals try to skip the regular visit to the dentist due to several factors such as dental anxiety, cost of the treatment, and lack of time. However, a dental checkup is essential to gain valuable insights regarding your dental health. If you are still wondering why exactly do you need a dental checkup, this blog will clear all your doubts.

One of the major reasons for skipping the regular dental checkup is the cost. However, it is essential to understand that not getting your teeth checked regularly could lead to severe complications in the future.

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Let’s take a closer look at the various reasons why one should visit a dentist regularly for a dental checkup.

1. Formation of plaque, cavities, and tartar

At present, although there are several advanced and modern teeth cleaning products available such as electronic toothbrush, dental floss, dental mouthwash, etc, there is always a portion of your mouth where it is impossible to clear out all the plaque. Hence, there is a high presence of plaque in inaccessible regions and difficult to get rid of. Over a period of time, the plaque solidifies to become tartar which can only be removed by seeking professional help.


Hence, a regular dental checkup will ensure that there is no formation of plaque, cavities, and plaque.

2. To avoid a dental disease

The presence of plaque and tartar can cause severe tooth decay. However, apart from decaying the tooth, plaque erodes the tissues in the gums. When there is a strong presence of tartar in the mouth, it causes a gum infection. It can make the tooth mobile. This particular infection is known as gingivitis or periodontitis which leads to several complications.

Gum diseases cause

A regular dental checkup can significantly help patients avoid dental diseases.

3. Impact of lifestyle on overall dental health

There are several habits that could potentially impact your oral health negatively.

The lifestyle habits that could significantly impact your oral health include:

1. Chewing ice

2. Grinding teeth against each other

3. Biting nails

4. Consuming sticky or hard sweets

5. Brushing aggressively

6. Drinking coffee or wine

7. Smoking


A timely dental checkup will enable your dentists to gain insights related to the damage caused by the aforementioned lifestyle habits. After carefully, analyzing your mouth, your dentist may suggest a few changes you might need to make to avoid further complications.

4. Detection of oral cancer

Oral cancer is one of the most severe dental diseases. Diagnosis of oral cancer could be tricky and hence a regular dental check-up is important. Your dentist will carefully scan through your mouth to detect any symptoms or signs of oral cancer. Detecting the symptoms and signs of oral cancer at an early stage is extremely crucial for the treatment of oral cancer and avoid complications in the future.

Oral Cancer

5. Jawbone X-ray

One of the main reasons why you should visit a dentist for a dental checkup is getting your jaw bone x-rayed. The images in the X-ray offer the dental professionals to analyze surfaces beneath your mouth. In addition, dentists look for minute abnormalities that may not be visible to the naked eye. The damage to the jawbone may include, swelling, tumors, decay in the bone, cysts, etc. which are not possible to detect without x-ray imaging. Hence, it is important to visit a dentist for your routine dental checkup.

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