7 Habits Of Celebrities That Help Them Maintain Their Dazzling Smiles
The most common factor that makes today’s celebrities stand out of the crowd is their charming and confident personality. If you ask any of their fans why they adore them so much, you’ll probably end up with a common reason which is ‘their smile’. To put it more simply, a perfect smile reflects an ideal personality. And although it seems as if they might have undergone a super-expensive cosmetic treatment to redesign their oral structure, it isn’t always true.
By inculcating a few oral hygiene habits of these celebrities, you could easily gain a celeb-like smile. Hence, we decided to put together some of the commonly observed habits, which can help you beautify your smile too

Drinking Floride Rich Water:

• No matter your age, your teeth need a sufficient amount of fluoride to stay strong and healthy.
• This fluoride element is readily available in the regular drinking water.

• Research even showed that drinking water solely from filters that blocked fluoride increased the probability of teeth weakening and decay.

Avoiding Charcoal Toothpaste And Baking Soda:

• A lot of alternatives to regular toothpaste such as charcoal pastes and baking soda have surfaced the market recently. Their sellers claim that they whiten teeth better than the regular toothpaste.

• However, the problem with charcoal is that it doesn’t contain fluoride, which we know is a prime element in strengthing the teeth.
• Baking soda, on the other hand, is highly abrasive, which gradually wears off the enamel layer.

Controlling coffee intake:

• Tannins are naturally occurring organic substances known as polyphenols and are present in both tea and coffee.
• These tannins deposit and stain the teeth if consumed daily. They form the tannic acid, which damages the enamel layer, further increasing the stain deposits.

Rinse Away Citrus Juices:

• If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably drink fat burner solutions like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, kombucha or other citrus juices as a part of your diet.

• But these juices may prove more harmful in longterm as their acidic nature can damage the dentin tissues and cause tooth sensitivity and discolouration.
• Hence, always consume citrus juices by diluting them in water and use a straw to prevent any teeth contact.

They Chew-free Sugar Gums:

• Sugary gums are known to harm teeth and add excessive sugar to your body. Sugar-free gums, on the other hand, promote the creation of saliva, which significantly helps in fighting tooth decay.

• Chewing these gums after a meal can prompt the saliva creation process and help your teeth fight the acidic food deposits.

Brushing With Precaution

•problem with brushing teeth is that it needs to be done
proper moderation; no more, no less.
• If you quickly move over the jaw, the deposits won’t be eradicated. And if you brush for too long, you will end up damaging the enamel. Using a hard bristle brush can also cause similar issues.

• Hence, you must use a soft bristle brush and move it in a circular motion at a 45-degree angle over the jaw for a reasonable time.

Relying On Professional Help:

• No matter how diligent you are about your oral health, it is always better to have a second opinion from a professional to fortify your knowledge.
• If you feel that your teeth aren’t improving with the routine habits, you should ask an expert cosmetic dentist for possible treatment options before the condition worsens.
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