7 Dental Conditions that Need Immediate braces Treatment

Orthodontic braces are becoming more prevalent every day, and the results of these braces are always affirmative. They are designed to get your teeth into better alignment and can effectively treat many dental conditions. Here are seven dental conditions for which you must promptly seek braces treatment from the best orthodontist in Pune. Visibly crooked […]

Understanding What Are Periodontal Pockets And How They Cause Gum Disease

What Are Periodontal Pockets? Periodontal pockets are spaces or openings in the gum lining surrounding our teeth. These pockets are prone to infection-causing bacterial invasion, leading to gingivitis or periodontitis gum problems. Dentists in Pune recommend good oral hygiene practices to maintain healthy teeth and gums to keep such gum diseases at bay. Not all […]

Root Canal Treatment On A Front Tooth: Steps And Precautions.

Root canal treatment is done to treat the infected teeth without actually removing them. Previously, the root canal treatment was painful, but with advanced techniques and the help of technology, endodontic surgery has become much less painful, especially for the frontal teeth. People fear the treatment and think of it as a major dental issue. […]

Gummy smile: All that you need to know about it

It is said that a smile is the most beautiful gift you can give to the world. So if you feel that your smile is unattractive and your self-esteem is being affected, then the problem needs to be addressed by a cosmetic dentist. Components of a beautiful smile are not just beautiful teeth but also […]

How To Maintain Good Oral Health?

Oral health is essential to achieve and maintain overall health. It requires taking good care of your teeth and gums every day. If they are in good shape, then you feel confident about your smile and personality. Psychology predicts that humans are first attracted to the smile of any new individual they first meet. Also, […]

Here Are 5 AMAZING Ways To Get a Perfect Smile

A dazzling smile can make you shine in a group photo. Similarly, a beautiful set of teeth enhance your smile and help you feel confident. Owing to the trend of taking selfies of all good moments, having an imperfect smile can withdraw you from occasions when you can build bonds. Seeking a smile makeover treatment is […]

5 Benefits Of A Healthy & Confident Smile

A stunning smile can make your life easier in more than one way. Well-aligned, healthy, and bright teeth help improve your overall appearance and contribute to your mental, emotional, and psychological well-being in various surprising ways. Benefits of having a healthy smile Studies reveal that people with a confident smile are more likely to succeed […]

What are Dental Braces and How Do They Help?

What Are Braces? Dental Braces are the tooth alignment tool that helps in correcting overcrowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth. It is typically advised to young children to correct their teeth, but adults are also recommended braces to redress their smile. Braces gradually adjust the teeth in the desired orientation so that you have a normal […]

6 Reasons Why You Need To See An Orthodontist

It is crucial to take care of oral health. Apart from the following oral health regimes, visit a  dentist every six months is necessary. Visits help in the correct assessment of oral health and dentist also give us valuable tips to maintain oral health. Dentists might refer you to an orthodontist( A type of dentist) […]

All You Need To Know About Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

In the earlier days, if anybody had severe tooth pain, they would probably wait for the tooth to wither. But, today, with advanced orthodontic solutions and one sitting of Root Canal Treatment in Pune, you don’t have to bear the constant pain. A root canal is a relatively simple procedure. Here is a brief about the […]