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Today, after you woke up, the very first thing you must have done is brushing your teeth and cleaning up to start a brand new day. However, as you start your routine, you realize your breath starts to degrade. Notably, in cities like Pune, which is the fastest-growing hub for technology and service-based industries, where the maximum population serves a Nine-to-Five routine round the year leaving a small portion of their time to spend on other activities.

Instead of relying on a pack of chewing Gums, let’s try and understand the causes and consequences of bad breath:

Irregular eating habits
• Who doesn’t enjoy a little snack in the middle of meals to spice things up during a day?
However, continuing it as a habit could increase the chances of degrading your breath & make you feel uncomfortable.

• It could also possibly cause digestion issues.

• Improper hygienic practices

• If you’re ignorant towards brushing habits, then wake up and find the right dentist

• Not drinking water after meals and snacks causes bad breath.

• Insufficient Water Intake

• If you often feel your mouth dry and stinky, you know you need more water to drink.

• Bacterial issues

• A wounded oral part of an infected tooth can cause much discomfort in breathing due to the
smell it creates.

• Reversely, if you feel your breath is way too smelly or has a weird smell, it could be a sign or an undiscovered infection.
Here is a list of a few Do’s and Don’ts to add to your knowledge of bad breath.


• Always drink water after eating anything.

• Do regular dental check-ups; ask your dentist if you face any problems with your gums.

• In addition to brushing and flossing, check your tongue for discoloration and deposits.
• Keep a healthy diet.


Never over-brush or over-floss your teeth.
•Avoid eating foods that cause pungent smell in working hours.
Also, when looking for a Dentist in Pune, look for a trusted clinic which provides treatment for a wide range of dental issues and possibly has more than one branch and is easily accessible around the city. It might sound like too much work,

but when it comes to your family’s health, it is always above any form of wealth, wouldn’t you agree?

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