May 8, 2021

What are Dental Braces and How Do They Help?

What Are Braces? Dental Braces are the tooth alignment tool that helps in correcting overcrowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth. It is typically advised to young children […]
January 10, 2020

Expert MD Suggests That Oral Unhygiene & Colorectal Polyps May Be Potentially Linked

We often talk about oral hygiene as a practice limited to protecting oral health. The downside of limiting the benefits of good oral health to the […]
November 28, 2019
cosmetic treatment in pune

7 Habits Of Celebrities That Help Them Maintain Their Dazzling Smiles

The most common factor that makes today’s celebrities stand out of the crowd is their charming and confident personality. If you ask any of their fans […]
October 17, 2019
gum disease treatment

Things to know about gum boils

Gum boil is a concept we often hear, but not a lot of us know about it. It can cause a lot of disturbance in our […]