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There is a famous Chinese proverb that says A spark can start a fire that burns the whole prairie(grassland).’ It beautifully explains how smaller problems, if not prevented or controlled in time, may lead to major issues. The same goes for oral health too. If minor tooth issues are ignored for longer terms, they may eventually lead to unexpected clinical problems with greater consequences.

Our teeth are connected to all the neighboring and some distant organs of our body via a complex nerve network and ultimately connected with the brain for sensory purposes.

Losing teeth directly damages these nerves and further harms the other organs that are connected with them. Here are some of the critical problems which are caused due to such teeth lose;

Poor Stereogenisis:

• Stereogenisis is the ability of our brain to distinguish the various forms and materials of
objects in the absence of sound and visibility.
• It is the ability utilized by the teeth and oral nerves to recognize what we eat and detect
any harmful entity presents while chewing.
• As some of these sensory nerves get damaged or defective when a tooth is lost, it adversely
affects our mouth’s stereognosis and causes failure in the detection of harmful objects.

Unstable Proprioception

• Proprioception is the sense of movement and positioning of our body.
• Damaged sensory nerves due to teeth loss may also cause malfunctioning in this sense of movement and lead to a lack of awareness in som

Long-Term Brain Damage

• The network of nerves which connect the teeth to our brain for decision making gets disrupted due to teeth nerve damage.

Some cases of these damaged nerves showing adverse effects on the brain have also been observed.

• This brain nerve damage is long-term and often difficult to cure

Defect In Speech and Mastication

• Losing teeth automatically distorts the structure of your jaw and causes the muscles which are responsible for the mastication of the head to grow in awkward shape, causing the face to look much older and uneven.

• The jaw also controls the movement of your tongue to enable proper pronunciation in speech. Without the teeth in the jaw to control the tongue, it slips, and the speech gets slurred and difficult to understand.

Anxiety & Depression

In some cases, teeth loss was also linked to emotional disturbances causing anxiety and depression.

Solutions to Teeth Loss

• The best solution to prevent all these issues in dental implants.
• Implants provide a permanent solution to teeth loss without any maintenance. Implants made from titanium which is a biocompatible substance, tend to bend with the jawbone eventually functioning like natural teeth.
• Various mini-implants have also been created which can replace minor teeth parts and readjust the jawbone.
• In case of complete teeth loss, new and comfortable dentures like ‘all-on-4’ and ‘all-on-6’ can be created to replace the entire jawline.

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