Everything You Need to Know About an Oral Surgeon
Who is an Oral surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a dental expert who is highly trained and specializes in carrying out dental procedures on the jaw, teeth, mouth, and face. Although dentists are trained to perform minor oral surgeries, they are not oral or maxillofacial surgeons (OMS), Maxillofacial is related to the face and jaws.

An oral maxillofacial surgeon attends a dental school for four years and dedicates the next 4-6 years to surgical training. Further, these dental specialists are also well-trained to administer anesthesia and offer dental care in an office environment.

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Oral surgeon expertise

As mentioned earlier, oral surgeons are highly trained and have the right skills to perform a broad spectrum of dental procedures. Let’s find out the array of dental procedures an oral surgeon has to offer.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is one of the most popular oral surgeries. There are several reasons why you may require a tooth extraction procedure such as:
Partially erupted or impacted wisdom teeth
Teeth that cannot be repaired either due to decay, trauma, or tooth fracture

Primary teeth do not fall out at the right time which prevents the eruption of permanent teeth
Orthodontic procedures that could potentially require extraction of some teeth to decrease crowding

Palate surgery

The palate surgery is not a single surgery. It is a series of multiple surgeries to enhance the benefits to a child and reduce the risks for dental complications.

Corrective jaw surgery

The corrective jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery is primarily performed to treat:

Cancer surgery

The conventional treatment for head or neck cancer is surgery. Cancer in the head or the neck can affect the mouth, salivary glands, tongue, and the throat. Further, malignant changes could potentially also occur in the nasal cavity sinuses and the larynx.

A maxillofacial surgeon is trained to treat these problems which are typically a combination of radiation therapy and surgery.

Cosmetic procedures

Owing to the years of training and strong dental expertise, oral surgeons regularly perform cosmetic procedures that deal with the aesthetic as well as the functional aspect of the face, teeth, mouth, and jaws.

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