Important Things You Should Know Before Getting Dental Braces
After spending a good amount of time researching and reading about braces, do you feel like you are an ideal candidate for braces? Unhappy with misaligned teeth? Then, you are probably right and it is time for you to get braces. However, there are several stigmas attached to the dental procedure as it has gained a bad reputation for the uneasiness, pain, and discomfort. Perhaps, the thought of getting braces is scary and not very appealing! Modern dental and orthodontic techniques and innovations have significantly improved the procedure of getting braces in the last few years. Hence, one does not have to worry about the pain or the discomfort related to dental braces.

Creative Dental Clinic offers a wide range of dental and orthodontic treatments that are in sync with the modern dental procedures which makes it an enhancing experience for patients. Moreover, as one of the leading Orthodontist in Pune, our aim is to ensure our patients feel relaxed and comfortable when they walk into our clinic for dental treatment.

Although the procedure of getting dental braces has become relatively easier compared to the past conventional methods, there are several misconceptions. Hence, our team has offered their insights regarding this topic. Let’s take a closer look.

No age limit

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about braces is that it is usually for adolescents or teenagers. However, that is not true. Regardless of your age, it is never too late to reap the benefits of the treatment and enhance your smile.



Oral health is more important than having straight teeth

Although it is true that dental or oral health is very important, getting braces also work in favor of maintaining a high-level of oral healthcare. Braces will play an important role in fixing your “bite” which will enable you to chew your food and speak properly. Hence, you can now deal with Jaw pain and headaches by getting dental braces.


Bracket type

This point is important for teenagers. Not every individual is accustomed to Invisalign or any other type of concealed brackets. At times, opting for the traditional braces could be an ideal fit for you depending on your orthodontists’ advice and understanding.


The cost of braces could be expensive. However, at Creative Dental Clinic, we offer affordable dental braces to all our patients without compromising on the quality of the braces as well as the treatment. The cost of braces largely depends on several factors such as age, the services offered by the clinic and the complexity of your issue.


Treatment period

Although the amount of time that you may require braces depends on various factors, typically, the average time for the treatment is around 18-24 months. Moreover, it is important to understand that the time largely depends on how sincere you are following the dentist’s instructions as well. If you do not follow the instructions given to you, you may require some more time to complete the treatment.

Pain factor

Initially, patients may experience some amount of discomfort. The pain is largely due to the pressure that is generated during the first couple of days. However, in the long run, you are likely to get used to the braces and the level of pain will also reduce.


Creative Dental Clinic has some of the Best braces specialists and orthodontists in Pune. Our team is highly experienced and has treated several patients with the utmost precision and accuracy. Apart from offering a high-level of treatment to our patients, we also educate our patients to ensure they maintain optimum oral health. Book an appointment with us today!

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