Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is one of the best treatment procedures to save a tooth from being extracted when its nerves have been deeply damaged due to tooth decay, injuries, or infection. The treatment focuses on the restoration of good health in the tooth by removal of infected nerve, disinfection of damaged pulp and finally by sealing the canals with Gutta-percha. A properly conducted root canal treatment should render only minor discomfort that is temporary in nature.

Dentists associated with Creative Dental Clinic & Implant Centre ascertain the exact location of the problem by using the latest digital X-ray systems. Root canal treatments are performed for our patients after administering local anesthesia and once the procedure is successfully completed, the nerves connecting the tooth should not offer any pain. With vast expertise and latest technologies, we strive to achieve maximum success rate for root canal treatment in Pune across all our centers.

However in rare cases, repetition of procedures may be necessary due to following reasons:

  • Re-infection of pulp

  • 2.
  • Severe damage and infection in tooth

In several cases, in which teeth are clearly visible, our dental surgeon resorts to simple extraction procedure that involves loosening of teeth and their removal with the help of forceps under the effect of local anesthesia. On the other hand, surgical procedures are adapted by our oral surgeons only if the tooth has broken very near the gum line and presence of large and curved roots in tooth. Post root canal treatment, it is very much essential to place a proper crown as tooth becomes very brittle and might have lost substantial quantum of mass due to decay.

The root canal treatment offered by our endodontist ensures the following:

  • Safe and efficient results

  • 2.
  • Normal chewing and biting force

  • 3.
  • Natural appearance

It is a myth thatroot canal dentistry pricesare quite high. They are quite economical when compared with extraction of tooth and followed by installation of artificial tooth. If you have been experiencing severe Tooth pain , do not wait for the pain to aggravate. Contact us immediately for the right treatment at affordable prices.

What is root canal ?

A root canal treatment is often carried out to repair and save the natural tooth that is decaying or badly infected. At the time of the procedure, the nerve and the pulp is removed to from the interior of the tooth and thoroughly cleaned. Without a root canal, the infected tooth, as well as the tissues and the gums surrounding it, are infected and lead to severe dental problems.

When do you need a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is essential when:

  • 1. One or more teeth are infected or decayed

  • 2. Your teeth are highly sensitive to cold and hot food and beverages

  • 3. The infected tooth starts turning black in colour

  • 4. There is swelling and pain in theGums surrounding the infected tooth

symptoms of root canal ?

The need for root canal treatment could only be identified by the professional expert dentist after performing certain oral tests. However, one can always look out for warning signs if closely pay attention. The symptoms of the root canal can be:

A root canal treatment is essential when:

  • 1. A toothache:Although not every tooth pain means the patient needs a root canal treatment. Sometimes, the tooth which requires surgical treatment might not even cause pain. However, by determining whether the pain is intense or dull, a patient can have a generic idea of what to expect on their visit to a dentist.

  • 2. Swelling:In some cases, the swelling might not be accompanied with a toothache but can still mean you need root canal treatment. At times, the swelling could expand further to the patient’s face and neck. Swelling accompanied with or without a toothache still means you need urgent medical treatment.

  • 3. Gum Tenderness: Gum swelling can be of any size, from hardly visible to a hard lump at the front of the root tip. The swelling might last for a few days to months. In either case, make sure you bring it to your dental practitioner’s attention.

  • 4. General Feeling of Illness: Swollen lymph nodes might create an impression of fever and uneasiness. If you feel ill followed by any of the aforementioned symptoms, seek your doctor’s appointment as the symptoms might indicate a root canal surgery.

At Creative Dental, we make sure the patients receive the optimum level of support and dental care from the best of our expert team. Book your appointment today and enhance your quality of life.

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