Teeth Whitening-Treatment

Teeth whitening is all about treating discoloration or removing stains to lighten the shade of teeth. Owing to its high aesthetic appeal, teeth whitening services has become one of the highly demanded general dental procedures in our clinics. With whitened teeth you can wear an aesthetic smiland enhance the charm of your office.

The reasons that necessitate tooth whitening are

  • 1.High consumption of tea, coffee or colored aerated beverages

  • 2.
  • Aging

  • 3.
  • Consumption of tobacco products

  • 4.
  • Post Root canal treatment

  • 5.
  • Side effects of trauma or accident

Our cosmetic dentists at Creative Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, a renowned institute for Teeth whitening in Pune ascertain our patient’s candidature before beginning the tooth whitening procedures. Professional bleaching and whitening services offered by our experienced dentists in conjunction with high standards of technology and materials eradicate side effects such as sore gum, sensitivity issues, and teeth erosion. Hence we can assure our patients that the how teeth whitening can brighten your teeth services offered by our dentists are quite safe &Teeth whitening treatment cost in Pune is very affordable to everyone.

Professional Bleaching:

Based on the severity of the problem, we plan the treatment schedule and methodology. The results of tooth whitening services would start becoming visible right after the first schedule and based on the initial condition of discoloration, it may take few more schedules to completely restore bright white shade to your teeth.

We provide our patients with custom-made gum shields that fit their teeth like a tray. Subsequently, discoloration treatment procedure can be carried out at home by wearing these trays overnight and feeding whitening gel in gum shields. With the help of our home whitening services, very good results can be expected in two weeks period.

Although it is not possible to achieve permanent teeth whitening treatment in punethe effects can be made long lasting with proper brushing, flossing, dental checkups, and regular touch-ups every six months to one year. Be in touch with us to discuss the right procedure for whitening your teeth – we would be glad to provide the best service.