The absolute truth about 'Tooth Decay'

Do you ever wonder why your teeth decay? Tooth decay is not a mysterious condition. Tooth decay can cause inflammation and pain, gradually leading to gum disease, tooth loss, and cavities. Read this article to know the absolute truth about tooth decay, i.e., its stages, causes, treatment and prevention. 

What are the stages of tooth decay? 


Tooth decay progresses in five stages, and they are as follows: 


  • Initial Stage: Plaque bacteria pile up on the teeth surface and generate acids that attack the enamel.


  • Early Stage: The acid attacks your enamel and softens, causing cavities. 


  • Moderate Stage: The cavities become intense and penetrate, forming pits in your enamel. 


  • Late Stage: The enamel is utterly destroyed, exposing the dentine (the tooth layer below your enamel) and resulting in intense pain. 


  • Final Stage: The bacteria expand and infect your root canal, leading to tooth death. 


What are the causes of tooth decay? 


Tooth decay is a general dental issue when mouth bacteria attack and break your enamel. However, the primary leading cause of tooth decay is poor dental hygiene. Still, other aspects, like lifestyle choices, dietary habits, and specific medical conditions, can also lead to tooth decay and pain. 

What are the preventions for tooth decay? 

Good dental and oral hygiene can help you avoid tooth decay. Below are a few tips you can choose to prevent tooth decay: 


  • Brush with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice daily. 
  • Use a fluoride-containing mouthwash to lower the risk of cavities. 
  • Go for a dental checkup regularly. 
  • Try to drink some tap water. Tap water contains fluoride, which is added to most public water systems, which can significantly prevent tooth decay.
  • Avoid frequent sipping and snacking. Every time you consume food or drink something other than water, you aid the production of acids in your mouth by bacteria that can erode tooth enamel.
  • Drink plenty of water. Gulping water will clean teeth as well.

What are the treatments for tooth decay? 


Below are a few tooth decay treatments: 

Fluoride Treatments

It is a mineral that strengthens teeth and prevents cavities. Fluoride treatments include applying a fluoride gel to your teeth, either in the form of a paste, varnish, gel, or foam. 

Dental Fillings 

A dental filling is a material used to fill a hole or cavity. Dental fillings are made from materials like porcelain, composite resin, silver amalgam, or gold that resist bacterial buildup.

Root Canal Treatment 

Root canal treatment is a procedure to get rid of an infection in the root canals of your tooth. The method involves pulling out the infected pulp, cleaning the area, and filling the space with a specific material. 



A crown is a form of dental restoration that mimics aesthetics and functionality of real tooth and restore its strength, size, and shape. Crowns are usually made from porcelain, metal, or a combination of these materials. 

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are sometimes essential to remove a tooth that has become severely damaged or decayed. The process involves removing the entire tooth, as well as the root.


It’s time to face the facts: tooth decay is a severe issue. From gum disease to cavities, this dental problem affects not just your smile but also your self-confidence. But nothing to worry about- there are several ways to fight this issue and protect your smile! 

With regular dental checkups at Creative Dental Clinic, you can keep your teeth strong and healthy. Don’t allow tooth decay to win- take control of your oral health today!

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