Things to Know Before an Invisalign Treatment

Gone are the days of the self-inflicting embarrassment of carrying metal braces on your teeth. An Invisalign is just the substitute you deserve instead of dental braces, where the material used in the making is mostly medical grade thermoplastic, giving it a clean and clear look. One chooses an Invisalign due to its edge over metal braces in terms of invisibility and convenience.

As convenient as it may sound, one has to be careful in the daily usage and maintenance of an Invisalign. If you are planning to get an Invisalign treatment, this article is just the read you need.


Here are things to know before an Invisalign treatment

There are certain things that the orthodontist will suggest you maintain after getting the Invisalign treatment. The common dos and don’ts after the treatment are mentioned below.


  1. You have to be disciplined in the usage

You must wear your Invisalign throughout the day, even sleeping. The only time you need to remove them is while eating or drinking. Keeping your aligners on all the time is a very hard commitment but is a necessary one at that.


  1. Remove it when you eat

Remove the aligners before eating to prevent the food from getting stuck in your teeth. Remember that there is no restriction on the type of food you can eat after the treatment. Make sure to brush your teeth properly before putting your invisible aligner on.


  1. You have to be patient with the results

The key to shaping and aligning your teeth with the help of an Invisalign is patience. The aligners are effective, but it does not ensure rapid results. The time to recover depends on person to person and their dental condition.


  1. Avoid colored drinks or smoking

Smoking could be the reason for getting your aligners discolored. Your aligners will contract yellow stains from smoking which cannot be washed off. Remove your aligners before smoking or consuming any form of acidic or colored drinks, as they will make your invisible aligners look cloudy.


  1. The treatment is not completely painless

An Invisalign treatment is not completely pain-free, as the aligners grip your teeth and push them in place. As aligners grip your teeth and cause movements, a little discomfort is inevitable.


  1. Invisalign treatment is for all ages

No matter your age group, you are eligible to use Invisalign. You can choose to treat your misaligned teeth at any age, and your orthodontist can recommend using aligners anytime.


  1. Invisalign treatment may not be ideal for you

Not everyone with misaligned teeth can use Invisalign. You can get one aligner only when your dentist recommends you to. The usage of aligners depends on the condition of your teeth alignment.


  1. Use of retainers after treatment 

An Invisalign treatment does not guarantee permanent recovery. In most cases, your dental professional will recommend you wear a retainer during sleep to ensure your teeth stay in place.

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