Tooth Pain and sensitivity
Have you ever been the victim to sensitivity that barred you from having your favorite flavored ice cream or the beverage? Well, you are not alone experiencing this. Tooth sensitivity is very common these days and limitless of age-groups. Where the eatery items take the blame for damaging the teeth, maybe you are just born with sensitive teeth.
Creative Dental Clinic and implant centre, The dentist, like always, has brought to you the complete guide to sensitivity and tooth pain problems.

What is Tooth Pain and Sensitivity?

Both tooth pain and sensitivity go hand in hand to some extent. But, not every toothache problem leads to sensitivity or vice versa. Tooth Sensitivity is nothing but a common name for Dentin Hypersensitivity. A dental issue in which the person suffers painful sensation each time they drink tea, coffee, ice cream, or any hot-cold beverage items. The pain might come and go, but one must never ignore these signs and symptoms of sensitivity such as;

  1. Teeth grinding while asleep
  2. Tooth pain while breathing cold air
  3. A prior trauma caused to the tooth
  4. Using a hard toothbrush
  5. Heavy alcoholic consumption
  6. Brushing the teeth very hard

The symptoms vary from person to person but the conclusion remains the same. If you feel like someone who can relate to these symptoms then contact the best Dental clinic in Hadapsar. Creative Dental Clinic and Implant Centre has a history of people suffered sensitive tooth and conquered it by means of our expert dental attention.

How to Get Rid of Tooth Sensitivity?

Switch to fluoride content toothpaste, brush your teeth twice-daily, stop alcohol consumption or containing mouthwash. If still, the sensitivity is present, do not worry. With proper medical examination and treatment of your teeth, sensitivity would be the bygones, only to never return.

In case you suffer from intense sensitivity and discomfort; the doctor might suggest you gum graft. Under this, the dentist would take off the tissue from the palate and place them over the roots of your teeth. This covers the exposed part of the root dentine from direct contact beverages or sweet. Thus, it eliminates the pain. GERD and Bulimia can also be a reason causing sharp pain due to severe wear of teeth. To treat this, Root canal treatment may be suggested if the pain is excruciating.tooth pain or sensitive teeth are potential enough of ruining your daily routine or professional performance. Our highly-accomplished and the expert dental team is ever-ready to offer quality routine checkup and advanced treatment. Make your appointment today and get your tooth problems insured forever.

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