Treatment Of Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is also known as excessive gingival display and occurs when you Smile and too much of your gum tissue shows above your teeth. At Creative Dental, we often come across patients who complain about how they feel conscious of their gummy smile as it makes their smile look less attractive. Fortunately, this problem could now be easily fixed.


If you are concerned regarding your gummy smile then following might be the reason behind its cause:

  • 1. Short teeth that erupted improperly and are partially covered due to gum disease

  • 2. Teeth smaller than the gums due to genetic issue or possible wear and tear

  • 3. Short upper lip A hyperactive lip which gets lifted too high while smiling exposing a lot of gum tissue

  • 4. Long and enlarged gums

  • 5. Gums bulged out due to overgrowth of upper jaw bones


Depending on the severity and health complications of a patient, we recommend the following treatment for desired results:

  • Same-day laser treatments (for minor cases)

  • 2.
  • Surgical lip positioning

  • 3.
  • Orthodontics/braces to relocate the teeth on its normal position

  • 4.
  • Surgical sculpting of the gingival tissues

  • 5.
  • Maxillofacial surgery for bone repositioning

Following the aforementioned treatments, the gummy smile sufferers can get benefitted in various ways such as increased comfort while smile, confident when smiling, eating, speaking, and improved gum tissue health.