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A gummy smile is also known as excessive gingival display and occurs too much of your gum tissue shows above your teeth while smiling. At Creative Dental, we often come across patients complaining about how conscious they feel about their gummy smile when in public, as it makes their smile look less attractive. Fortunately, this problem could now be easily fixed gummy smile treatment in Pune.

Causes For Gummy Smiles- Know How Our Gummy Smile Correction By Our Dentistry In Pune Helps You

If you are concerned about your gummy smile, then the following might be the reason behind its cause:


  • Short teeth that erupted improperly and are partially covered due to gum disease
  • Teeth smaller than the gums due to genetic issues or possible wear and tear
  • Short upper lip or  hyperactive lip which gets lifted too high while smiling, exposing a lot of gum tissue
  • Long and enlarged gums
  •  Gums bulged out due to overgrowth of upper jaw bones


All the above-mentioned gum problems are taken care of by our professionals, who guage, study, and implement adept procedures to fix gums in their standard and aesthetic position. While doing so, our specialists are careful about the dental structures so that they do not shift, displace, or gaps appear.

Treatment Range- Including Teeth/Dental Surgery For Gummy Smile Correction

Depending on the severity and health complications of a patient, we recommend the following treatment for desired results:


  • Same-day laser treatments (for minor cases)
  • Surgical lip positioning
  • Orthodontics/braces to relocate the teeth to their normal position
    Surgical sculpting of the gingival tissues
  • Maxillofacial surgery for bone repositioning


Following the above dental treatments as part of gum smile treatment in Pune, the gummy smile sufferers can benefit in various ways such as increased comfort while smile, confidence when smiling, eating, speaking, and improved gum tissue health.

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