What Causes Gum Boils, And Are They Serious?

What Causes Gum Boils,

 If you see red, tender, and painful bumps on your gums, those are Gum boils. Gum boils appear for several reasons, and they indicate serious periodontal problems. Although people are tempted to pop boil on gum, which causes more pain, infection, and other dental problems.

What causes Gum boils?

Gum boils are mainly caused due to 

  1. Tooth decay
  2. Gum Problems(Gingivitis)

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, abscess formation, and cavities are very common in all ages. The bacterial stagnation on teeth causes cavities, which infect the dental nerve root. Reaching the mainstream nerve root, the infection can rot all teeth and gums. In such a case, the person will start having Gum boils all over the gums, which will indicate a dental emergency.

 Gum Problems or Periodontal Disease

Inflammation of gums, gingivitis, or swelling in the periodontal tissues causes gum problems or periodontal disease. This may be caused due to hereditary, poor maintenance of dental hygiene, existing dental problems, or nutritional deficiency.

Both cases manifest Gum boils as serious dental emergencies, and they should not be avoided; otherwise, the gum boils aggravate and may require invasive dental treatment. 

What is serious Gum boils?

Typically, gum boils are of two types: periodontal abscess and periapical abscess. Basically, a periodontal abscess is in the gum tissue, whereas a periapical abscess is in the tooth itself and is considered to cause more serious gum boils.

Small, painful gum boils may not be serious and can be cured with home remedies. However, ignored Gum Boils often turn out to be serious Gum boils requiring more targeted and invasive solutions.

Serious gum boil manifests the following symptoms.

  • Severe pain in gum and teeth
  • Expanding gum boil
  • Multiplying gum boils
  • Seems red sore and ready to burst anytime
  • Puss and fluid discharge.
  • Inconvenience in eating or talking

Why is it important to treat Gum boils?

Gum boil occurs due to abscess formation caused by bacterial invasion. If the gum boil is not treated seriously, it will decay the gums and loosen the dental structure. 

Gum boil caused due to periapical abscess can be life-threatening with bacterial invasion into the bloodstream and imposes a high risk of dental and health hazards.

Delaying gum boil treatment will attract more invasive treatments such as root canal or complete tooth extractions.

Gum boil Treatment

Depending on gum boil, the best treatment is prescribed to you. A periodontist is well-versed at attending to gum disease cases and shall be able to recommend you the right treatment. The treatment includes:

  • Antibiotics

The dentist prescribes antibiotics as a first-line treatment for small gum boils. The antibiotics should be prescribed before the gum boils subside on their own to ensure no bacterial infection is intact in the gum boil. However, the dentist will also prescribe other medications to treat the cause of gum boil, eliminate infection and prevent reinfection.

  • Cleaning

The abscess formation causes gum boils. The dentist may prescribe deep cleaning of the gumline for tartar removal to avoid any chances of infection that contribute to causing Gum boils.

  • Root Canal

The gum boils may be caused due to tooth decay, and if the infection has permeated deep within the gums, the dentist will recommend a root canal in conjunction with deep cleaning and antibiotics medications.

  • Surgical Removal

In rare cases, gum boils may persist even after sufficient treatment. In that case, surgical removal of gumboil is the best option to eliminate gum boil.

  • Other Options

The Gum Boils can also cause bone loss which can loosen tooth grip. The dentist might recommend dentures or other options to tackle the loss caused by gum boil.

Gum Boil in kids is rare but occurs and subsides with minimal care. However, we strongly recommend seeking dental advice if Gum boils persist.

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