What Questions You Need To Ask Your Dental Hygienist?
It is always essential to ask questions to your medical practitioner, the reasons being multifold. Firstly, you will gain confidence about the treatment you are planning to avail for an ailment. Secondly, you will get to know about the availability of different treatment options and finally, you will be able to get an idea of latest technologies and medical advancements that have popped up since your last visit. Your routine visit to a dentist need not be different and you can always speak out your mind to get a better idea to solve any potential issues in your mouth.

That being said, it is more necessary to prepare ourselves with following details before a visit to a dentist:

• Readiness of medication chart presently being taken.

• List of medications that can cause allergic reactions in your body.

• Reports, diagnosis results and prescription of earlier visits.

These details are very much vital for rendering efficient treatment and no doubt, your dentist would invariably seek all these details before commencing the treatment.

Well, let us now discover what questions should be asked to your dental hygienist

1. What can be done to improve oral health?

Indeed, a straight forward question even if you don’t have any sort of issues with gums and teeth. Your dentist would be glad enough to share with you the latest cleaning procedures or techniques to maintain flawless oral health. This also means that you would get good share of knowledge to improve your routine oral care process.

2. What to do if I bleed while brushing or flossing?

Bleeding in gums is a symptom of gum disease that needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity, so that further complications such as bone loss can be avoided altogether. Your dentist would indulge in further studies of the problem and offer a solution for the problem to arrest the development of complication.

3. Why does my mouth feel dry or present foul odor?

While dry mouth can be a side effect of an on-going medication or a symptom of diabetes, foul odor in the mouth can be due to many reasons such as huge bacterial growth or infection. Whatever is the reason, it is always a wise decision to enquire your dentist about the root cause of the problem.

4. How to handle sensitivity or pain in mouth?

Any sort of experience of sensitivity or pain, however tiny is its magnitude, it is always prudent to share the information with your doctor. Because, these minute sensations can be a symptom of a larger complications. A professional checkup by your dentist would eliminate the chances of the problem attaining serious proportions.

5. What is a healthy diet for good dental care?

healthy diet for good dental care

Generally speaking, food items that contain sugar in any form can lead to tooth decay. When sugar comes in direct contact with plaque, it makes acid to attack tooth and starts the process of decay. Sugar added beverages, candies, cookies, pastries are to be avoided or limited to the maximum extent possible to have good oral hygiene.

6. How to improve my smile?

teeth Whitneing Treatment

Armed with technological advances, cosmetic dentistry is making giant leaps in the right direction to improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Be it rectification of crooked or broken teeth, crowded or overlapped teeth, and stained teeth, everything is possible with simple but efficient procedures. Technology has grown to the extent that many of these cosmetic dentistry treatments are performed out as outpatient and minimal or non-invasive procedures, says an expert Dentist in Magarpatta.

7. Should I go for fluorinated toothpaste?

If a person’s teeth naturally have high fluoride content to resist acid attack, fluorinated toothpastes are not necessary. But for all others, it is vital to use fluorinated toothpaste to strengthen the teeth against acid attacks and avoid cavities.

Brushing your teeth

In short, while visiting our Dentist in Magarpatta ask anything and everything, right from the effect of pregnancy or diabetes on oral health. There is not on iota of doubt in our mind that at the end of consultation, you would be feeling confident about the treatment you have planned to undergo.

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