What You Should Do After Root Canal Treatment?
It is a well known fact that success of any medical treatment cannot be ensured unless proper post care treatments and procedures are meticulously followed. Dental procedure like root canal treatments is not an exception to this concept and hence, safe and speedy recovery can be achieved only by adhering to all the post treatment suggestions of your endodontic specialist. Being the most sought after clinic for root canal treatment in Pune, we at Creative Dental Clinic and Implant Centre make sure that all our patients achieve good results through safe post care procedures and techniques. But what are those post care guidelines and how to take care of teeth? Let’s have a look on them right away.

Watch out for pain and seek assistance

After the completion of root canal treatment, it is absolutely normal to experience pain or feel mild difference in the treated tooth when compared with the other ones. The situation would soon return to normalcy with the help of prescribed medications and other post care procedures. However, it is of utmost important to consult your endodontic surgeon in the event of pain persisting for more than couple of days or in the following circumstances.

Adhere to post care advisories

Maintain oral hygiene

Regular brushing and flossing of your tooth along with gentle rinsing should be continued as per the normal procedure you adopt. This would essentially ensure the oral hygiene in the area where root canal treatment was performed.

Go gentle on treated tooth

After the root canal procedure, the area where procedure was performed would be tender as it would still be in the process of healing. To avoid application of excessive pressure on the treated area, following measures needs to be adopted:

Selection of proper food

As the objective is not to impart additional stress in the treated area, it makes sense to avoid foods that are hard and chewy. Likewise to facilitate smooth healing process, the treated area needs to be protected from food, both solid and liquid, that are very hot or cold. A good practice would be to consume soft foods that are very close to ambient room temperature.

Go for full restoration

Root canal treatment is never complete without final restoration, Yes, to ensure lifetime success of the treatment, it is very much vital to have your tooth restored at the earliest possible opportunity. Your endodontist would always place the perfect crown above the treated tooth, not only to avoid future complications but also to enhance the functionality of the treated tooth.

By strictly adhering to all the post care suggestions and instructions and following good oral hygiene practices such as brushing & flossing, it is quite possible to enjoy the lifetime success of root canal treatment. It goes without saying that a routine checkup with your dentist would not only ensure good oral hygiene but also would help in identification of similar symptoms and problems that may recur occasionally.

If you still have questions about the post care procedures or instructions pertaining to root canal treatment, you can always schedule an appointment with us. Our specialist dentists in any of our clinics at Kasaba Peth, Dhankawadi, and Magarpatta would gladly provide you with all the information and make you confident to undergo the treatment.

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