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As we hear the word braces, the first thing that comes in our mind is a teenager with a mouth full of metal braces. But, medical advancements and orthodontic treatments have allowed people to have straight teeth wearing braces without being embarrassed by their smile. 

There is no age limit for people to own a beautiful smile through orthodontic treatment. The day children start losing their baby teeth, a picture of how their teeth might grow starts appearing in their parent’s minds. Luckily, childhood is the best age to consider orthodontist treatment to correct tooth and jaw problems. 

Benefits of considering orthodontist treatment at an early age include:

In children, Orthodontic treatment is recommended when you see the following symptoms:

Early treatment from expert doctors providing the best orthodontist in Pune will help your children get good quality oral health for a lifetime.

How long does your child have to wear braces?25

Braces today are available in a wide range of materials, colors, and styles to make them feel comfortable to wear braces for a longer time period. 

Every child responds differently to a treatment. Depending on the child’s treatment response, the doctor might recommend the patient to wear braces for around 12-24 months. In this time period, make sure you take care of the braces and appliances to ensure a speedy recovery.

Why is childhood the best age to consider Orthodontic Treatment?

Our orthodontist in Pune believes, considering orthodontic treatment at a younger age can prove to be beneficial in many different ways. Why?

In younger patients, the jawbones are still developing, which eliminates the risk of performing orthodontic surgery. Other beneficial factors include:

Children are less likely to experience gum recession or bone loss due to advanced periodontal disease, which is more common in adults.

A missing tooth while adulting can create space between the teeth and cause other teeth to shift or tilt, thus increasing the chances of gum disease. In children, the risks are minimal.

Many adults realize the importance of orthodontic treatment and want to resume the treatment they left as a child. 

At Creative Dental Clinic, we ensure the patients receive the best treatment depending on their individual preferences. If you are planning to consider orthodontic treatment, book an appointment with us and receive the most convenient solution to all your dental problems under one roof.  

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