Root canal treatment
The first thing that probably comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘root canal’ is the pain involved in the procedure and the high cost of the treatment. However, owing to the development of the dental procedures over the years coupled with the use of modern and efficient equipment, it is safe to say that root canal treatment is painless or associated with negligible pain. It is important to understand that without root canal treatment pain will eventually worsen if not treated at the right time.

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A root canal treatment is typically carried out to save a decaying or an infected tooth from further damage and prevent the need for extraction. Modern-day root canal treatment is not so painful and highly effective. It is important to break away from the stereotype that a root canal is extremely painful.

Here are the warning signals that indicate you may need a root canal treatment soon.

When is a root canal treatment necessary?

1. Sensitive tooth

If you feel uncomfortable due to tooth sensitivity, you may require a root canal treatment. If you experience pain while consuming hot and cold food items, it is an indicator that your nerve may be damaged. In such situation, a root canal treatment is highly recommended.

sensitive tooth

2. Pain in the tooth

If you are experiencing unbearable pain in the tooth for quite some time, it is important to understand the root cause. Often, a decaying tooth or a cavity in the tooth could inflict immense pain. It is an indicator that you may need a root canal treatment soon.

sensitive tooth

3. Damaged nerve

If the color of your tooth has become darker than usual, there is a high possibility that the nerve ending is damaged because of infection. It is important to treat the damaged nerve ending in order to save the tooth from further damage and extraction. Hence, a root canal treatment is ideal for such circumstances.

Why is root canal important?

The human tooth is made up of three main layers i.e., the enamel (outer layer), dentin (the layer below the enamel), and the pulp (the innermost layer). The pulp is the sole living structure present in the Tooth and when it is affected, a root canal treatment is required to save the tooth.

In most cases, the infection begins from the surface of the tooth i.e. the enamel and starts infecting the other parts of the tooth as well. When the enamel is infected, there is no presence of pain. However, as the cavity progresses further and infects the pulp and the dentine, you may start experiencing pain in the tooth. Hence, if the cavity is not treated before it infects the pulp, it will cause severe pain in the tooth.

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