Braces Work  On Adults Vs. On Kids
Dentists are often asked oral health-related questions that sound weird at first. There is a lot of myth surrounding oral health that many people believe it to be true. So, we have curated the most common myths born out of fear and lack of knowledge among people.

Myth 1: Brushing our teeth hardly will give a fantastic result.

Fact: Putting excess pressure on your teeth while brushing will wear off the abrasion and leads to tooth sensitivity. Sometimes, vigorously brushing the teeth may cause tooth pain and hurt the adjacent tooth, resulting in bleeding gums, swelling, and weakened enamel.

Myth 2: Dental cleaning can cause tooth sensitivity

Fact: Every individual brushes their teeth to remove germs and plaque formation. However, for some individuals brushing teeth is not sufficient to achieve pearly, white teeth. To remove excess deposits of plaque and calculus, doctors recommend a dental cleaning procedure in which, an ultrasonic scaler is used for continuous water irrigation. Excess calculus and plaque disrupts your oral health and leads to tooth sensitivity. With dental cleaning, doctors can remove the tartar on the tooth surface and prevent the chances of tooth sensitivity.

Myth 3: Dental cleaning weakens the teeth

Fact: In fact, dental cleaning strengthens teeth, rather than weakening them. By removing the plaque and calculus, we can prevent periodontitis or gum disease effectively.

Myth 4: Removing teeth from the upper jaw will affect the eyes and brain.

Fact: The nerves associated with the eyes and brain is very different from the nerves of the upper jaw. Therefore, removing the teeth from the upper jaw will not affect your eyes and brain.

Myth 5: Children need not brush their teeth until they turn five.

Fact: Brushing the milk teeth is very important. However, avoid using regular toothpaste on their brush. Instead, consult their pediatric dentist to suggest toothpaste that prevents bacteria from accumulating on the tooth surface. Encourage your child to brush after bottle-feeding to maintain good oral hygiene.

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