Pediatric Dentistry

By virtue of specialized training, the Periodontist , Pune at our clinic deploy behavioral guidance techniques and hence is well versed in handling challenging conditions that usually accompany while treating children. When it comes to dental treatment for children, we comprehensively understand your anxieties and aspiration to provide the best treatment for your kids. Hence we always request the parents of child patients to ask questions and calm down their nerves. The treatment services we offer under pediatric dentistry include every dental care problems that are usually encountered during childhood.

  • Baby bottle tooth decay :-– a prevalent dental problem associated with milk tooth of infants.

  • Space maintainers :-For children who have lost milk tooth earlier than anticipated. These spacers are installed to ensure eruption of permanent tooth in correct direction and position.

  • Tooth decay in young kids :-Application of fluorides to make the tooth structure strong

  • Oral habits :-Certain oral habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and lip biting are eradicated through special gadgets and techniques.

Root canal treatment to handle damages caused by severe tooth decay or fracture of tooth Fillings and restorations after removing the decayed portion of the teeth

Need of Pediatric Dentistry

Children have different concerns than adults while visiting a dentist. Setting up your child’s first dental appointment can be really confusing as for whether take them to your regular practitioner or a special pediatric dentist. Although it’s always your call to make, setting your child’s dental appointment with a certified pediatric dentist just might be an ideal choice for your kids.

Why ?

Our Pediatric dentist offers a range of comprehensive oral health care to infants and children which include:

  • 1. Cleaning and fluoride treatments

  • 2. Nutrients and diet consultation

  • 3. Early assessment for straightening teeth and orthodontics

  • 4. Correcting tooth defects and improper bite

  • 5. Fixation of cavities

  • 6. Diagnosis of oral conditions related to various diseases

  • 7. Gum disease management

  • 8. Treatment for dental injuries such as fracture, cracked, or knocked-out teeth

Our dentists are passionate about offering quality treatment to the children and promoting lifelong oral health. We understand when our little patients trust us; they are fearless of dental treatment and practice good oral health. Book your appointment today and give your child a healthy lifelong smile.