What you should know about a smile makeover

you should know about a smile makeover

Your smile creates the first impression that people tend to remember the longest. However, a dull smile can negatively impact your self-confidence and overall satisfaction with your appearance, making it difficult to smile naturally. A smile makeover can easily restore your self-confidence as you gain the smile you’ve always desired.


What’s included in a smile makeover?

A smile makeover can include advanced treatments for the following dental aspects:

  • Tooth color: A bright smile with white teeth indicates a youthful appearance. The color of your teeth is a very important factor in your smile. 


  • Tooth proportions: The length of teeth can also affect how your smile looks. Long teeth lend you a youthful appearance. If you need shorter teeth, the treatment includes reshaping and lengthening the crown.


  • Missing Teeth: Even one missing tooth can affect your smile’s appearance, making replacement a crucial part of facial esthetics.


  • Alignment of teeth: For crooked, overlapping, or gaps between teeth, we advise an orthodontic treatment. This can help you attain a natural and everlasting smile.


  • Harmony and balance: Dental composites and some laser treatments help you bond your uneven, chipped, or cracked teeth for a balanced appearance. 


We focus on your overall oral health during a smile makeover. We offer advanced cleaning techniques to remove bone-destroying tartar below the gumline. In the same process, our dentist also addresses dental decay and gum issues causing medical issues.

Every case is unique and special. That’s why we work closely with you to make a smile makeover procedure plan that suits your aspirations and needs.


Keeping it natural

As skilled cosmetic dentists with extensive experience in individual dental specialities, our dentists are apt in crafting a new smile that fits the overall appearance of your face.


Tooth whitening aims to brighten your smile to a whiter grade that looks natural. Fillings should blend with your natural tooth color and eventually become invisible. Your teeth should also fit the size and shape of your face without overpowering your expression. We consider these and other vital factors as we develop a plan for your makeover.  


You can also expect an ongoing care and maintenance plan that keeps your makeover vibrant and your smile healthy for years to come.


Getting started with your smile makeover

Your smile transformation begins with a comprehensive exam that includes a detailed discussion about your options. We help you weigh the cost, time commitment, and benefits of undergoing a smile makeover and suggest solutions you might agree with.


Dental implants, for instance, are the gold standard for replacing one or more missing teeth because they look so natural. However, it can take months to get implants for multiple missing teeth. A faster tooth replacement process, in that case, would be a bridge or partial dentures. 


Whether you’re struggling with several dental issues that keep you from smiling or are simply interested in whitening and brightening dull teeth, a smile makeover procedure can improve your confidence.


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