Everything you need to know about Dental Bridges and Oral Health 7
We all know that a missing or loose tooth can make it really difficult for us to communicate, speak or even eat properly. A missing tooth can harm us more than we imagine. It can cause an infection and make the situation worse. Hence, when you lose a tooth make sure you visit your dentist and discuss the options for tooth replacement. If you want to get the Dental bridges in Pune, then Dental Health Bridges is where you need to go.

The importance of bridges

Dental bridges not just make your Smile beautiful or help you eat properly but it restores your face shape too. They will align your jaws to help you eat properly and supports the adjoining teeth preventing them from moving apart.

Types of Dental Bridges

The top three types of dental bridges are:

Traditional Bridge

It is the most popular type of bridge out of the three types of bridges and is made from ceramics or porcelain fused with metals.

Both the sides of the teeth get dental crown followed by a pontic between them.

Cantilever bridge

This dental bridge is preferred when a person has no tooth on either side of the missing tooth.

The other tooth is prepped well and then pontic is attached.

Maryland Bridge

This dental bridge is made out of a metal framework. The false tooth is merged with metal or porcelain wings
and then these wings are cemented to the abutment teeth.

How Much Does Dental Bridges Cost?

The average cost of dental bridges depends on the number of units, the type of bridge you are choosing and also the place you are getting it done in. However, if you want to get dental bridges, creative dental clinic can offer you an amazing treatment to replace missing teeth at the most affordable prices.

How long can they last?

If taken proper care of the dental bridges, they can last for years without any problem. All you have to do is keep your mouth clean and visit your dentist regularly.

For a reliable treatment choose Dental Health Bridge in Pune, and we ensure you proper guidance and top-notch treatment.

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