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We often talk about oral hygiene as a practice limited to protecting oral health. The downside of limiting the benefits of good oral health to the mouth is that we overlook its adverse effects on other parts of the body. Although it is difficult to detect such problems, having sufficient knowledge of their causes and symptoms dramatically helps in preventing or treating them.

To present an instance of such a case, a recent clinical study performed at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in Baltimore has revealed that a history of periodontitis, which causes a microbial imbalance or maladaptation may be associated with colorectal polyps or even colorectal cancer.

Dr. Samara Rifkin, MD, of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and her team recently revealed this clinic study where she suggested, “We think dental care may affect the microbiome. We found that for frequent dental visits, compared with no visits, there was at least a suggestion of a protective effect.” However, she continued to say that the direct contributions of periodontal health, oral microbes, and biofilm status in polyp formation are yet to be detected.

The Clinical Study:

This cross-sectional study involved 1,564 patients undergoing colonoscopy as part of another more extensive https://www.cialispascherfr24.com/tadalafil-duree/ study. The research obtained sociodemographic information about their periodontal health which was judged based on the following factors:

Then, these patients were divided into groups based on the type of polyps present in the following parts: 

The frequency at which they visited their dentists was adopted as a reference for categorizing the conclusions. The results of the colonoscopy were collected.

Results Of The Study:

After thoroughly studying the colonoscopy results of those patients comparing them with the frequency of their dental visits, the following results were derived:

Conclusions Drawn:

Dr. Rifkin derived to a conclusion saying, “We found this interesting. We think the detection of oral bacteria may be associated with the beginnings of colon cancer.” While the suggestions of this study were speculative, she continued to say that, “maintaining good oral health may be a potential strategy to prevent colorectal cancer.

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