Braces Work  On Adults Vs. On Kids
Braces have long been sought as a treatment for realigning oddly growing teeth or malocclusion in young kids. They are widely preferred due to their effectiveness, easy usability, and affordability compared to other dental treatment options. Various types of braces in the forms of elastic bands, spacers, archwires, coil springs, or full headgears are available for treating unique dental misalignment issues. Today, you’ll also find mini-braces that only cover the necessary portion of the teeth without spanning all the way. 

However, saying that these braces only work on growing kids is false, as more and more grown adults are also benefiting from these treatments today. It is said that the best age to get braces is between the age of 8 and 14 years when most of the permanent teeth set in and the new bone tissues start to solidify. This fact is true, but it doesn’t mean that adults about the age of 14 years cannot benefit from braces treatment. Let’s try and understand how this treatment can help both kids and adults.

How Braces Work On Kids:

It’s easy to realign teeth in young kids as their growing teeth are in the developing stage where it can conform to the forced pressure of the braces. Some dentists even recommend starting braces treatment at a younger age when the jawbone is still developing with baby teeth. 

Since the permanent teeth tissues are yet to solidify, a kid’s teeth may only need simple wire or rubberband braces when diagnosed with dental misalignments. 

The pain and discomfort it causes are easily managed with over-the-counter meds. It may take about ten months to a year for the braces treatment to work for kids.

How Braces Work On Adults:

As we grow older, the bone tissues of our permanent teeth and jawbone gradually solidify. Hence, they remain flexible and responsive to external movements for a much longer age than you can imagine. Even the bone tissues that have recently developed can respond to the pressure exerted by braces. 

Here, a braces specialist in Pune can help provide distinctly personalized braces for the adult teeth. In such cases of adult malocclusion, it may take anywhere between a year or three for the braces treatment to show significant results. This time may vary from person to person, based on how fast their teeth and jawbone conform to the braces.

However, there are some limitations associated with treating adults with braces, such as:

All-in-all, dentists can provide suitable dental brace options to adults who seek treatment before it’s too late. Our orthodontist in Pune has treated several such cases, and we believe that we can provide the best braces treatment in Pune for all ages at our Creative Dental Clinic. If you’re worried about your misaligning teeth and wondering if braces could help, you can directly consult or braces specialist and learn more about all the modern dentistry options you can choose from today. 

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