Cosmetic Dentures treatment procedures have become extremely affordable and accessible to everyone these days. Hence, anyone who suffers from teeth loss can now opt for these solutions without having to worry about its cost or availability. 

Dentures are prosthetic implants typically made of acrylic and are designed to replicate natural teeth. As they are designed to look just like natural teeth, they are also known as ‘false teeth.’ The primary aim of dentures is to fill in the gaps created by lost teeth. Though dentures can be developed for various types for distinct functions, they can be generalized in two essential types: Removable Dentures and Permanent Dentures.

In order to understand how of these dentures work and which one is better suited for you, let’s look at both of their pros and cons individually:

Removable Dentures:

These dentures are designed to fit over the jawbone and can be popped in and removed whenever you want. They are typically suited for people who have lost one or more teeth surrounded by healthy natural teeth, which now have a gap. They are usually made from acrylic or other biocompatible material.




Permanent Dentures:

Also known as full dentures or non-removable dentures, they are series of prosthetic teeth that are installed with dental implants over the jawbone to replace the entire set of teeth. Instead of directly placing the dentures, first, the jawbone is scanned for determining the exact position of the implants. Typically, four implants are installed for positioning the dentures –  two in the anterior region and two at the back of the jawbone. These implants fuse with the jawbone due to a process called osseointegration, keeping the dentures affixed forever.



It’s hard to directly judge which type of denture would best suit your dental conditions, and only a professional dentist can help you in making this choice. If you’re looking for a good dental clinic to get your cosmetic dentures treatment, then Creative Dental Care has everything you need. To start with, you can visit the Creative Dental Care website to reach out to their dental expert and get the best treatment options for cosmetic dentures in Pune.


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