Tips to Keep Your Kids Cavity Free
No parent enjoys the feeling of their kids going to dental clinic for tooth cavity treatments. Ofcourse, modern day dental techniques are virtually painless, but still why to opt for treatment when the whole issue could have been prevented through good oral hygiene. Nevertheless, parents need to understand that preventing dental cavities in their kids is quite easy and all it needs is patience and determination, says a reputed dentist in Hadapsar, Pune. Remember, cultivation of good dental habits at early age would yield excellent results for years together.

What is cavity?

Well, the cavity is actually a hole in a tooth that gets bigger and deeper with time. Also known as the tooth caries, cavity gets formed when tooth starts decaying. And it would be right to point out at this juncture that treating cavities at early stages would be a good idea rather leaving them unattended.

Why cavity gets developed in kids?

It is a very vital question that needs to be answered with precise information. Cavities or tooth caries form when plaque, a sticky substance made out of bacteria causes damage not only to the outer surface of teeth but also deep into them. When food particulars, especially the sugary, starchy and chewy substance, remains in the mouth for a longer period, bacteria acts on them and release acids. These acids in turn leach the surface of teeth and spoil the enamel layer. Once the enamel layer is breached, acids start deteriorating the inside parts of the Tooth and cause decay or cavities. As kids always chew on sugary and chewy substances like colas and chocolates, no wonder they are more vulnerable to cavities.

How to prevent kids from getting cavity?

1. Early oral hygiene:

Oral hygiene practices for your kid should be started even before milk tooth appears. Wiping gums and inside parts of the mouth with a clean cloth, especially after every feeding would go a long way in protecting their dental health.

2. Engage in proper brushing:

Once teeth appear, you can brush them with appropriate size brushes. Once your kids learn to hold the brush, make it a point to teach them good brushing practices and techniques.

3. Go for healthy snacks:

Of course, depriving your kid from sugary and chewy substances and providing them with healthy snacks can be the toughest part of the entire preventive measure. But still, considering the associated healthy factors, go for healthy version of snacks such as yoghurt, cheese, vegetables, and fruits.

4. Make routine dental visits:

Kids are prone to oral ill health and what can be a better way other than visiting your family dentist to detect them at the earliest opportunity. As a matter of fact, the best first birthday gift you can offer to your kid is a visit to your dentist for oral check up.

How to get treated for cavity?

Based on the severity of tooth decay and cavities, plethora of options is available for treating them. At our dental clinic in Hadapsar, we carry out all pediatric dental services right from cleaning and fillings to sealants and root canal treatments to treat cavities. Most of the parents ignore oral health of children considering the fact that those milk teeth are bound to be replaced in few years by permanent ones. But what needs to be borne in the mind is that any deep rooted problem in milk teeth is sure to affect the permanent ones too!

Children are bound to offer resistance for good oral practices and hence the responsibility of enforcing good dental habits rests squarely with parents. To have your kid evaluated for oral health, do schedule an appointment at our child dental care clinic in Pune and pave way for better good dental health for your kid.

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