Types of Braces You Need to Know Before Visiting Your Dentist
People born with perfect teeth are quite lucky but if you are not one of them then do not feel disappointed. The orthodontics treatment in Pune offers you the chance of correcting your misshapen, crooked, and stained teeth.
Orthodontic braces have been an ideal solution to conquer any oral issues. Many people mistaken braces as a treatment only for a misaligned tooth. However, this is not the case always. Many adults are choosing orthodontic braces to refine their looks and most importantly, they have many options to choose from.
Here are some of the most appropriate orthodontic braces you can choose from on your visit to the dentist

The Metal Braces:

Metal braces are the traditional braces and have two basic components. It consists of a metal bracket which is applied on the teeth and a bendable metal wire to thread into the brackets that help apply pressure on the teeth and eventually move them. Most of the teenagers find it to be an ideal option as its inexpensive and the fastest way of moving teeth.

At Creative Dental, we use advanced technology to create smaller braces that are less noticeable and help your teeth move faster. Also, the wires are available in a range of colors to give the patients their own personalized braces.

Ceramic Braces

This is one of the most popular braces as an alternative solution to metal braces. Ceramic braces are made up of ceramic material and have a similar color and texture of your teeth. This makes the braces almost invisible. To add a more personalized touch, our dental specialists choose wires of the same color that matches with patient’s teeth.

Although the ceramic braces are slightly expensive, the result it provides is worth spending money for. With proper cleansing routine and avoiding caffeinated food & beverages, the ceramic braces remain invisible on your teeth for a longer period of time

Lingual Braces:

They are almost similar to the metal braces in terms of operation. However, the lingual braces operate from inside of the teeth instead of the outside. They can be placed as traditionally as the metal and ceramic braces but remain hidden on the inner side of the teeth.

Although one can spot the difference when the wearer opens his/her mouth, lingual braces are far better than the metal ones where the brackets and wires are highly visible and destroy your pleasing smile. A lingual brace comes with many guidance and cleansing rules but for a healthy and confident smile, it is worth choosing.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self Ligating braces are the most-sought smile makeover treatment today. Unlike the traditional metal braces, it comes with clips or doors to hold the brackets instead of the rubber band tie look. This type of braces need less dental visits and cause less pain than metal and ceramic braces.

However, they are not always the ideal choice for every patient (especially patients with extensive treatments or medical conditions). Discuss the choice of options with our expert specialist team and they will evaluate the right type of braces for your ideal choice


This type of braces is one of the most effective ones as it provides an invisible appearance on your teeth and needs no maintenance at all. However,

it is the most expensive braces out of all traditional braces but makes a perfect choice for those who want a flexible and painless treatment for misaligned teeth.

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