What are the effects of smoking on dental implants
We offere implant dentistry in Pune where we are dedicated to giving you the best dental implants procedure. We always wish to give you the best of our ability and here we are discussing the ill effect of smoking on dental implants. There are so many people who face a hard time quitting smoking so read this to know the harmful impact of smoking if you are going to have a dental implant or already had to go through the process.

Smoking is one of those habits that only do damage to your health, especially to your mouth. There are so many problems that cause due to the habit of smoking and some serious damage can happen due to this habit of smoking. Yellow teeth, gum problems and build up of plaque are some of the problems that cause by the smoking. Smoking is a big problem for the dental implant but first, you should know what dental implant is.

Dental implant:

A Dental implant is a process in which your tooth is replaced by the prosthetic replacement, which needs to position correctly and secured by the bone and gums. Dental implants require healthy gum and bone because the implant drilled into alveolar bone and gum. The healthy gum slowly heals around the implant to secure it firmly to the place.

Effect of smoking on dental implant:

Smoking can do some serious damage to the dental implants and here we are discussing a few of the problems caused by the smoking.

1. Smoking increases the chances of the dental implant because a healthy person with healthy habits may never need the dental implant. Smoking causes various problems and one of them is the high probability of dental implant.

2. Smoking increases the chances of failure of dental implants because due to the smoking the wounds of dental implant face a hard time in recovery which leads to the failure of the dental implant.

3. Infection around the implant is another problem that may cause by the smoking because of the toxin release by the tobacco.

4. The recoveries of dental implant depend on the health of the patients where smokers are at a great disadvantage because of smoking.

5. The recovery of dental implant become painful for the smokers because of the chemical release by the tobacco in their mouth and chances are a smoker may never recover from the problem fully.

Smoking really can do some serious damage to your mouth, especially if you are having a dental implant. There is the risk that you may never get the successful implant if you do continue with your habit of the smoking. The condition is worse for the chain smokers and it is highly recommended that quit smoking for the benefit of your health and your mouth.

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