Tips for professional makeover
Smile makeovers are quite popular dental treatments these days as they’ve become more affordable and easily accessible to everyone. But what if you could get similar bright whitening effects of a professional smile makeover treatment at home? Well, you can, and it isn’t complicated as well. Here are some easy yet essential tips for maintaining a makeover-like smile at home:

Regularly Clean Your Gums And Tongue :

There’s enough talk about cleaning your teeth, but the other two essential parts that impact your smile are your gums and tongue. 

Since plaque built-up easily develops under the gum lining, you should always give your teeth gentle yet thorough flossing after brushing. And as your confidence to smile is greatly affected by how your mouth and breath smell, keeping your tongue free from food deposits and bacteria is equally vital. 

Giving your tongue a gentle cleaning after brushing can freshen up your morning breath and mentally free you from worrying about how it smells while you laugh.

Eat Fruits And Vegetables That Promote Dental Health:

Certain fibrous fruits have an exfoliating effect on our teeth while chewing, and they help remove surface stains on your teeth. Apples and carrots are at the top of this list. 

Other fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, iron, calcium, and a substantial amount of water will also help whiten your teeth and maintain their strength.

Eating a balanced diet with these foods have been proven to decrease tooth decay and promote overall oral health.

Avoid Things That Leave A Stain:

The best way to avoid dental stains is to simply avoid or reduce your intake of foods or beverages that inflict those stains in the first place. 

Dental discoloration is common in most of us who drink lots of tea and coffee, which is the first thing you should avoid or at least reduce. Smoking or chewing tobacco can also cause discoloring and bad breath, and you’re supposed to avoid them anyway.

If you already have stains, you can use teeth whitening strips to reduce them gradually.

Avoid Sugar-Rich Products Altogether:

Eating highly sugary or starchy foods primarily causes plaque formation and staining in the teeth while aerated sweet drinks have many acids that make the enamel weak and more prone to decay. Hence, try and avoid them as much as you can, and even if you have them, brushing or rinsing your mouth with water is essential. 

In case you strongly crave something sweet, chewing sugar-free gums can be a healthier option as they help remove bacteria and germs from your teeth. 

Other Miscellaneous Factors To Consider:

Diabetic patients have a higher risk of developing oral health problems since they have higher sugar levels in their blood. Keeping your blood sugar levels in check can, in turn, help your teeth remain healthy and stain-free.

Avoid oral piercing as it can lead to several oral problems like pain, swelling, infection, increased saliva, and gum injury that can hamper your smile.

A good night’s sleep helps your mind and body relax and boosts your mental health, thereby encouraging you to smile whenever and wherever you can.

There’s one more tip that is equally essential for a bright smile but doesn’t fit this list, and that is to regularly consult a good dentist for oral health check-ups and tips. Yes, though we’re talking about getting a makeover-like smile at home, consulting a dentist is still a smart strategy. And if you wish to avoid all this hassle and get the best makeover treatment for the perfect smile, then come down to our Creative Dental Clinic. As our name suggests, our dental experts are quite creative in giving a personalized smile makeover treatment. To book your appointment, you can visit the Creative Dental Care website and consult our experts to get the most effective smile makeover treatment in Pune.

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