Dental implant Procedure
Technology continues to drive dental innovations like never before! At present, dental implants have gained a significant amount of popularity owing to its long-lasting characteristics and overall stability compared to some of the other tooth replacement alternatives. However, one of the most frequently asked questions regarding Dental implants is the magnitude of pain involved with the procedure. Hundreds of patients have asked us, “How painful is the dental implants treatment”, “Do I need to take a lot of painkillers”, etc. Simply put, the answer in the majority of the cases is ‘No’. However, if there are complications involved, patients may experience a minimal amount of pain.

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In this blog, our team will offer insights regarding the pain associated with dental implants and try clearing a few doubts related to this particular subject.

How painful is the dental implants surgery?

It is also important to note that the bone close to which the implant is placed has a negligible number of nerves that can sense pain. However,

if you are agitated even after anesthesia is given to you, there are sedative alternatives that may ensure you feel comfortable at the time of the surgery.

Pain after surgery?

Patients may feel a slight discomfort after the Surgery for a few days barring in mind that a dental implant is a major surgery. However, the pain is not unbearable and your dentist will prescribe the right medication to deal with the pain.

Patients are likely to experience discomfort in regions near the cheek, chin, and areas underneath the eyes. Painkillers such as Ibuprofen is recommended to tackle pain in the majority of the cases. To reduce the swelling, an ice pack should be applied to reduce the swelling and one must consume soft food items for around 10-14 days after the surgery.
You should also rinse your Mouth on a regular basis with salt water as it will offer a soothing effect to your tissues.

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