How Teeth Whitening Can Brighten Your Teeth
Let’s admit the truth about our tooth color – what were once pearly whites during our childhood have undergone discoloration and become more of a yellowish. The culprit can be anything ranging from our eating and drinking habits, use of tobacco products, the build-up of tartar due to unhealthy oral practices, tooth trauma, and even side effects of few medications. But with stained and discolored teeth, it becomes impossible to create the subconscious visual impact on individuals we meet and smile. In a hope to revitalize their smile, patients who visit us at our dental clinic in Pune often ask the remedy for this problem. The solution is quite simple and it is teeth whitening. Just read further to know everything you wanted to know about this highly effective procedure:

What is teeth whitening?
Teeth whitening is one of the dental procedures adopted to lighten the natural color without affecting or removing any of the tooth surfaces. Of course, it can change and lighten the existing color by 3 to 4 shades. Teeth whitening is one of the economic remedies to brighten your teeth and enhance your smile.

Why is teeth whitening important?
Well, there are several reasons to substantiate the necessity of undergoing a teeth whitening procedure:
• It is an irrefutable fact that brighter smiles make a huge difference in your aesthetic appearance.
• It is definitely a cheaper option than Botox or other cosmetic procedures to create a drastic change in look.
• Whitened teeth bring self confidence as individuals need not suppress their smile and avoid embarrassing positions.
Although the reasons associated with the necessity of teeth whitening seems to be vanity, they all lead to enhancement of self worth and boost in confidence, assures a reputed dentist in Pune.

How teeth whitening is performed?
Teeth whitening can be performed through several methodologies, but the two most popular procedures are power whitening and home whitening:
• Office whitening: It is a clinical procedure conducted right under the supervision of your dentist and hence the patients need not feel apprehensive about the application of strong agents.After protecting the Gum lines and lips with a rubber dam or similar barrier, specially formulated bleaching gels are applied on teeth and are subsequently activated by a laser or heating lamp if required. The treatment proceeds roughly for an hour and the end result is nothing but sparkling white teeth.
• Home whitening: Based on your tooth structure, plastic trays that fit precisely in your mouth are specially fabricated. And all you need to do is to fill these trays with prescribed bleaching gels and wear them at home overnight continuously for two weeks. Although the result would not be as brilliant as the above-mentioned office whitening, it would be very close to it.
Remember, home whitening gels are prescribed by your dentist only after analyzing your dental health and structure and hence it is strongly discouraged to go for readymade whitening trays that are available as over the counter products.

Side effects:
Akin to any other dental procedure, teeth whitening may lead to minor side effects for few patients:
• High sensitivity to cold
• Sore throat
• Discomfort or patches on gums
But all of them are temporary in nature and disappear in a period of few hours to days, thus making teeth whitening as one of the safest dental procedures to achieve bright smiles.

We have helped several patients to achieve bright, white teeth in the shortest possible duration and gain self-confidence. If you wish to wear an elegant and bright smile, please contact our dental clinic for teeth whitening in Pune.

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