Is Non-surgical Treatments Best For Gum Disease
We live in an era where life has become fast and our food habits have changed tremendously. Result? The rise in periodontal (gum) diseases are not just in the adult but in kids too. These gum diseases are typically caused by poor brushing and flossing habits. In the initial stages, it could be a plaque that grows on teeth. Later this could result in sore and bleeding gums, chewing problems and worst could be tooth loss. Lucky enough for us, we have tons of technologies that can effectively help us tackle these challenges.

A recent survey in the US proved that every 2 adults in 3 face initial stage periodontal problems. And India is no different. But the good news is we have skilled doctors and periodontists to help us out. Recently, Pune has been emerging as a center for periodontal treatments. Gum treatments in Pune are not only cost-effective but are result-driven too.

When it comes to gum treatments, it is wise to go with the non-surgical method as they are efficient and simple. So here, we will unleash some of the most practiced periodontal treatments. Keep reading to know!

Scaling and Root Planning

For a successful periodontal treatment, it is extremely important to remove pathogenic bacteria and the toxins they produce. Periodontists do this by deep cleaning procedure famously known as scaling and root planning also known as root debridement. Scaling removes plaque and other hard deposits like calculus or tartar.

It covers area present both above and beneath the gum line. It smoothens the tooth surface making it nearly impossible for bacteria to grow and sustain


Increase in gum diseases results in periodontal pockets and bone loss. This leads to the formation of areas that are difficult to reach and clean. The best way to deal with these relatively inaccessible areas is by using an antimicrobial rinse.

Although these are prescribed for short-term, these are extremely effective. With Creative Dental, Gum treatments in Pune have become hassle-free.

Bite Adjustment

A lot of us face the problem of a loose tooth that needs to be addressed and protected from biting and chewing stress. Especially in cases where people have teeth grinding and clenching habits. With bite adjustment, it is possible to reshape surface enamel to minimize stress and mobility. In some cases, bite guard is offered that supports your teeth when you are about to eat, grind or clinch

You can easily find a lot of periodontists in Pune, but the real struggle is to find a reliable one. With Creative Dental, you receive all the treatments from field experts and highly-knowledgeable doctors. To know more you can visit our site.

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