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Diabetes is often associated with high blood sugar that affects some of our organs, including the kidney, heart, and eyes. But only some are aware of its adverse effect on your teeth. Diabetes and dental health are somewhat connected, as high blood sugar can affect your precious teeth. 

When a person has diabetes, his blood cells remain weakened, which allows bacteria to cause periodontal diseases. It is extremely important to maintain the blood sugar level to avoid dental problems. Bad dental health creates difficulties in our daily life as pain, chewing problems, and bad breath ruin the day. 

The following article will give you an insight into the connection between Diabetes and Oral health. It will also expand on some of the symptoms and treatment options. 




There are quite a few oral conditions that are tied to diabetes. Here are some of the dental health issues and oral problems that a diabetic patient might have. 




Gingivitis is the preliminary stage of gum disease, where bacteria settles around your teeth, causing numerous gum problems. The sugar in the saliva of a diabetes patient is the feeding ground for bacteria. So someone with high blood sugar is at risk of gingivitis.




Periodontitis is a serious gum disease that causes bleeding, swelling, and inflammation. Much like gingivitis it is a bacterial gum problem that a person with high blood sugar can contract. The sugar molecule inside the saliva acts as a food source for the bacteria and promotes its growth. 


Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)


A dry mouth is a condition under which your mouth does not create enough saliva. Usually, high blood sugar in the body can decrease the creation and flow of saliva which is a cause of dental issues. As the fluid is essential to protect the mouth and teeth, the absence of it will lead to tooth decay, bad breath, cavities, and more. 




Fungal infection is a common issue during diabetes as the sugar component in saliva helps them grow. This condition causes white spots on the tongue and cheeks, causing pain and irritation. Thrush can also spread to the throat in severe cases, which makes it difficult to swallow food. 




Sugar in the saliva attracts bacteria which can also cause cavities. Diabetic patients develop frequent eating habits, which also increases the chance of bacterial growth. 


Things diabetic patients should do to maintain a good dental health


By now you must be convinced by the connection between diabetes and dental health. Blood sugar if left uncontrolled, puts you at risk of a lot of oral problems. Here is what to do to keep your dental health safe. 

  • Control your blood sugar to keep it normal. Stay in touch with your doctor to keep regulating your diabetic status. If you say any fluctuation or changes talk to your health professional to avoid the risk of acquiring the above-mentioned symptoms. 
  • Brush and floss regularly to avoid unnecessary germs.
  • Go to the dentist for routine check-ups and be transparent about diabetes. 
  • Inform your doctor before visiting a dentist if you contract any dental disease. You should also inform the concerned person if you require dental surgery. It is always better if they talk to each other to better treat your oral problems. 
  • Avoid smoking as it can worsen the condition of your gums. It is unnecessary to put your inner mouth at risk when you already have diabetes. 

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