Tooth decay, commonly known as cavities, is caused by small holes on the outer surface. They typically appear due to various factors causing permanent damage to the teeth. If left untreated, it can spread, exhibiting multiple signs of tooth decay, including pain, bad breath, and sensitivity. 

Hence, visiting a dentist when you see tooth decay signs is recommended to get the required treatment. Addressing tooth decay signs will help you restore the functionality of your teeth. This article outlines everything about tooth decay signs, symptoms, causes, and prevention. 

Tooth decay signs and symptoms

Tooth decay is easier to detect as it exhibits various warning signs. However, the extent of the symptoms will depend on the severity of the cavity. While you may not feel anything unusual at the beginning, it will show the following signs as the decay gets severe:

Risk Factor 

Quite a few risk factors mentioned below also contribute to tooth decay signs, leading to cavities:

Tooth decay causes

Cavities are caused by multiple factors, which are as follows: 

Types of cavities

Before you seek professional help, it is important to have a basic idea of the various types of cavities, listed below:

Prevention of tooth decay

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The easiest method to prevent cavities is none other than oral hygiene. You can follow the next steps to learn how to take proper care of your precious teeth.

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