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There is a phrase that is in tune with the current times, “The first impression is the last impression.”. And the first impression almost always involves a heartwarming smile. But when your teeth are misaligned, you might lack the confidence even to make an impression. 


One of the most common treatments to straighten crooked teeth is wearing braces. How long your braces take to straighten teeth depends on the extent of straightening required and your commitment to the treatment program.


If you’re wondering how long braces would take to harmonize your teeth, read along to find your answer.

How Long Do Braces Take To Straighten teeth for adults?

Braces can take anywhere between 6 months to 3 years to provide effective results depending upon the following factors.

  • The crookedness

The most significant factor that defines the duration of your braces is the extent of crookedness of your teeth. They can be crowded, spaced too far, stick out or stick in. Braces can help you avoid several gum diseases, future gum injuries, enamel erosion, and cavities that such teeth might cause. However, it might take time to recover completely since the teeth must be aligned perfectly to have effective results.

  • Your Bite

How your top and bottom teeth align is known as ‘the bite.’ If your teeth don’t line up perfectly, you will have to get braces to fix it. Here are a few types of bites that you might suffer from,

  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Deep bite
  • Underbite

Treatment of bites can take longer than other types of teeth alignment treatments.

  • Types Of Braces

Multiple kinds of braces and orthodontic treatments can help align your teeth. But the duration changes according to which type of brace you are prescribed. The most common options would include:

  1. Metal Braces: In the case of metal braces, your teeth are attached with metal brackets and then joined or threaded together with the help of a wire. To align your teeth in the perfect shape, the dentist will slowly tighten the wire every week or so.
  2. Lingual Braces: The gimmick is almost the same in the case of lingual braces, but they are fitted behind the teeth. The results are the same and often even better than the metal braces. But the aesthetics are the most significant benefit over the regular ones. As they are behind your teeth, no one would be able to tell you are wearing braces.
  3. Clear Aligners: These are the most sought-after and usually the most expensive option. They are clear trays made out of plastic. The most significant benefits of clear aligners are that they are mostly invisible and can be removed anytime. To align the teeth perfectly, the dentist switches the trays every few weeks. But taking them out too often elongates the treatment.


Most importantly, if you want to shorten the duration of your treatment, you must follow your dentist’s instructions properly. Visit your dental clinic regularly to get your braces tightened or switched. Chat with the doctor about an appropriate mouthguard or headgear to protect your braces while playing any sports. 


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