6 Important Things You Should Know Before Getting Braces
Your smile is probably the first thing people notice about you as it makes a lasting impression. However, a few teeth that are disoriented or wrongly aligned could affect your smile and most importantly, could lead to dental complications in the future.

It is important to understand that if your dentist has recommended the use of braces, it is probably to enhance your orofacial appearance. Apart from improving crooked or crowded teeth, braces significantly help to improve your bite, inappropriate jaw position, and jaw joint disorders. Creative Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Pune. Our aim is to offer the best dental treatment to our clients and ensure comfort at the same time.

Getting braces fixed, could be uncomfortable initially. However, we at Creative Dental Clinic, a leading braces specialist in Pune, operate efficiently and effectively adopting the most advanced and modern dental treatments.

Before installing braces, it is important to understand a few things regarding the same. Our dental experts have listed down few points that one needs to know before getting braces.

1. Braces do not have any age restriction

Braces Treatment

Contrary to popular belief, braces are not only for individuals who are young but may be used for older persons as well. Young individuals including teens and young adults often rush to their dentists for orthodontic treatment. However, at present, orthodontists are catering to older patients as well using advanced solutions such as aligners, lingual braces, and ultra-transparent braces.

2. More options in braces

Owing to the technological advancements and progress, today, you have the option to choose from a range of braces that is the most suited for you. If you are about to get braces, then the team of Creative Dental Clinic will be the best choice to guide you.

3. Regular cleaning

teeth cleaning

During the period before you receive braces, orthodontists ensure that your teeth are cleaned thoroughly and not infected by a cavity. Moreover, it is important to maintain the same regular cleaning even after braces are placed. The chances of food getting stuck are high with braces and hence it is even more important to keep proper care.

4. You will experience some discomfort

After the successful attachment of braces to your teeth, you are bound to experience some discomfort initially. In addition, depending on the type of braces you opt for, the discomfort may vary. Hence, we recommend that patients should consume soft food for a few days after installing braces.

5. You may require a retainer

Treatment does not end with the removal of braces. You will need to use retainers that are designed from a mould of your teeth, for a certain period. Moreover, the type of retainers – fixed or removable depends on case requirement and will be recommended by your orthodontist. Bonded permanent retainer restricts the movement of your teeth all the time, while other retainers may be worn at all times, except when eating.

6. Change in diet

It is important to understand that installing braces is the first step to make your teeth healthy. It is an investment you have made and it is important you get the most of it. There are specific food items that could damage your braces and can hurt your teeth, and should be avoided. Avoid popcorn, chewing gum, corn, sticky candy, ice, and other hard food items.

Creative Dental Clinic is also one of the most established clinics for cosmetic dentistry in Pune. At our state-of-the-art modern clinic, we offer some of the best dental treatments to our patients. Moreover, we offer complete guidance and information related to the type of braces to put as per the age and profession, also complete guidance on regular dental hygiene throughout the treatment and later.

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