Dental Implants Truths
Dentistry is an old science and has been practiced through centuries around the world because almost every one of us faces teeth problems at some point in our life.

Hereditary reasons are also very strong determinants of how a person’s teeth would hold over time. Sometimes teeth may fall off or gets badly damaged. Dental implant is the only option left in such cases and the process involves replacing the damaged or fallen tooth/teeth with new, artificial teeth. Over the decades, dental implants have developed in sheer quality and precision through dedicated inputs that range from materials to techniques including advanced surgery. Often people want to inquire about the facts related to it before seeking the implant. You may have questions in your mind before you opt for dental implants. Leading clinic offering dental implants in Pune lists 7 vital facts that will help out such seekers of information.

1. The Modern Dental Implant – What And How?

The new age dental implants are marked by finesse and precision rather than bluntness! The development of the implant is itself taken up in a very refined manner and the definitive aspect is the ‘customization’ of it in favor of the seeker. The implant process starts with fixing of a titanium base in the jaw bone inside the mouth. This base is left for some time during which osseointegration occurs and the titanium base gets firm in the jaw bone. After this phase, the crown (the fake teeth made of porcelain or ceramic) is fixed on to the base.

2. Durability Of The Dental Implant

The titanium base and porcelain crown is highly durable and hardly wears out! Thus the modern dental implants offer lasting results as compared to the earlier implants which were rather fragile and made of unstable and weak compounds. Clinic offering dental implant treatment in Kasba Peth assures highest quality.

3. Care And Protection Of Dental Implant

The titanium and porcelain dental implants require least care and protection. Once fixed firmly, these can be cleaned like ordinary teeth in the mouth with the toothpaste and there is no corrosion. Also, unlike dentures, there is no need to remove it and soak them overnight in water.

4. No Side Effects Of Dental Implant

Titanium and porcelain are completely inert and do not offer any internal harm either through leaching or in any other manner. The implant therefore has no side effects.

5. Success Rates Of Implant

Success rate is high because of precision and finesse delivered by German implants. However, the ability of the dentist and the level of oral hygiene maintained by the person post process are also important determinants. Specialty clinic offering dental implants in Pune has high success rate to its credit!

6. Is The Procedure Complex?

The process is not complex and also does not involve any major risks. As stated above, it is completed in two stages. The fixing of the base is the challenging part! Experienced dentist offering dental implant treatment has performed thousands of such procedures!

7. Does It Hurt During The Implant?

The dentist offers local anesthesia that makes the procedure pain free and easy for anyone. The quantity of local anesthesia is the same as the one required for the Removal of the tooth. The aftercare precautions and medications help in swift healing and osseointegration of the base with the jaw bone.

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