Cosmetic Dentistry
A beautiful, dazzling smile is no longer a faraway dream! Modern advances in cosmetic dentistry have opened up a vast array of dental treatments to get a smile makeover. What’s more, the effects are long lasting and are quite quick!

A leading clinic offering cosmetic dentistry in Pune specializes in a variety of such procedures that include teeth whitening to correcting crowded teeth. People can choose from the procedures as per their requirement or preference and achieve a better smile as part of their buoyant personality quickly. Here are the leading cosmetic dentistry services that people can seek :-

Teeth whitening 

Teeth Whitening Treatment

‘Teeth whitening’ is among the most sought cosmetic dentistry procedures of modern times. Many people develop yellowish teeth over time. This is primarily due to increasing age or due to long term use of tobacco either in smoking form or the chewing form. In some cases, teeth also get stained due to intake of certain medications or other reasons. In all such cases, teeth whitening is performed whereby the teeth are thoroughly cleaned with a mild and safe bleaching agent that removes the yellowish layer and the bright white color is restored. The process is fast and the results are immediately visible for the seeker who can enjoy his/her smile. Cosmetic dentist in Pune offers teeth whitening procedure and assures the best results without any side effects.

Teeth braces

Braces Specialist

Braces are another cosmetic dentistry procedure and are sought in special cases where the person has misaligned teeth or protruding teeth (bunny teeth). These deviations develop very slowly as the person grows up and thus becomes habituated to them . However, the overall personality gets affected in a major way. Braces are generally made of high quality steel wires that are fixed by the dentist on the teeth and fastened tightly. This procedure gradually brings the teeth back in normal position over a period that could range from weeks to a few months or even years; depending upon the severity. Renowned dentist in Pune, India offers specialized braces procedure towards correcting the badly configured teeth.


In certain cases like the root canal treatment, the teeth become dark colored to the extent that these cannot be bleached for whitening. Veneers are applied to change the color to the normally acceptable tones.



Laminates are used to change the shape and size of the teeth. They are a great treatment fro chipped teeth and worn out teeth. Porcelain laminates are used as a covering to patch up the inconsistencies and give the teeth the perfect shape and size. Clinic offering cosmetic dentistry in Pune offers veneers and laminates applications of high quality.

These cosmetic dentistry procedures have become quite common and demanding and many people are reaching out to dentist’s clinic to get a beautiful smile and personality in few appointments.

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