What Questions You Need To Ask Your Dental Hygienist?
What Questions You Need To Ask Your Dental Hygienist?
July 25, 2016
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Why You Should Go To The Dentist Regularly?
July 29, 2016
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Dental Implant To Replace A Single Tooth

Dental Implant To Replace A Single Tooth


A missing tooth out of trauma or a dental procedure always presents an additional unique problem in addition to the loss of functionality – deterioration of self-confidence. The ideal solution would be to replace the tooth to regain both aspects. But what is the best way, especially if you are not interested in using a fixed bridge which necessitates the grinding of adjacent teeth. Thanks to the advances in prosthetic replacement techniques, dental implant for single tooth is very much possible and renders excellent results, says an experienced dentist associated with Dental Clinic in Hadapsar.



Why not bridges?

For years together, fixed bridges is being practiced as one of the most widely employed technique to replace a tooth. Although this procedure is still being adopted with good success, it does carry a problem tagged with it. To replace the missing tooth with a bridge, the adjacent healthy teeth need to be ground to accommodate the bridge. In few rare cases, the additional stress caused on the healthy teeth is not preferable as the trauma created by this procedure can break the seal and start accommodating bacteria in gaps. If that is so, what is the best alternative?


Dental implant

Dental implant is not only the best alternative on aesthetic count, but also on functionality grounds. The procedure gracefully garners support for the implant from the bone and tissues and ensures good result. As the implant integrates itself with the jaw bone, it plays the role of root for the crown, which in turn looks like a natural tooth and fills the gap created by the missing tooth.


Pre-requisites for implant

  • Good bone support

    : As mentioned earlier, it is very much important for the implant to get fused with the jawbone to anchor the crown. Hence good bone quality and density are very much crucial for the success of implants. For those patients who don’t have sufficient bone left for anchoring, it may be necessary to undergo bone grafting procedure.

  • Age:

    Children are not eligible for dental implants, as their jaw bone would not have developed to the required level.

  • Healthy gums:

    Healthy gums are not a choice but a requisite as their support plays a vital role in the success of the procedure. Hence patients with gum diseases needs to address them first before undergoing implant procedures.

  • Good health:

    As dental implant is a surgical procedure, it is very much essential to have good health.

To sum it up, dentists would take the final call on suitability for dental implant procedures, only after considering the results of diagnosis tests and comprehensive examination of the present oral conditions and hygiene factors.


What to ask your doctor?

It is natural to be intimidated by the dental implant procedure as it involves surgery and consumes long span of time for its completion. Would it soothe your nerves, if we reassure that dental implant for single tooth is a safe procedure with minimum risk factors and can long last up to 25 years? Isn’t it wonderful news? Having said that, it would never be wrong from your part to question your dentist about the details pertaining to the following aspects

  • safety of the procedure

  • cost involved

  • Post surgery care requirements

  • Recovery time

  • Associated risk factors

  • And anything else that can make your mind clear from any sort of apprehensions.


What would be outcome?

Single tooth dental implants can work very much like your natural teeth. But care should be taken to avoid clenching or grinding the teeth, as it creates unnecessary pressure on dental implants.

If you are one of the unfortunate individual having lost a single tooth, don’t fret anymore. You can always call our Dentist in Magarpatta for a successful dental implant procedure and opt for supreme quality treatment to achieve the best of both worlds – aesthetic and functionality.

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