Everything You Need to Know About the Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment
The root canal treatment is arguably one of the most effective and standard treatment to treat damaged, decayed or an infected tooth. The objective of the procedure is to save the damaged tooth from extraction and maintain its functionality.

Conventional root canal techniques have witnessed a significant development in recent years owing to advancement in technology. However, not until the last two to three years, the root canal was a multiple sitting procedure which required patients to visit the dentist regularly to complete the treatment. However, at present, new dental clinics such as Creative Dental offer a single seating Root canal treatment.

We understand how valuable our patient’s time is and keeping that in our mind, we have curated the best single seating root canal treatment in Pune. The blog will answer some of the most common questions revolving around a single sitting root canal to help our readers and patients understand the procedure in a better manner.

Who is an ideal

candidate for a single seating root canal treatment? Individuals who have an infection in their Tooth and requires dental treatment are recommended to undergo a root canal treatment.

However, patients with swelling and regular pus discharge are also ideal candidates for the treatment.

Is the single seating root canal treatment painful?

According to multiple dental experts worldwide, a single seating root canal treatment is less painful than a traditional multi-seating root canal procedure.

Thanks to the advanced dental techniques and equipment used for a single sitting root canal treatment, the treatment is painless and extremely comfortable.

Is the single seating root canal treatment lengthy and time-consuming?

Due to the use of rotary instruments and progress in Ni-Ti files, the total time required to complete the procedure is around 45-70 minutes.

Are the canals cleaned and disinfected efficiently during a single seating root canal treatment??

The single setting root canal technique is a highly advanced treatment that focuses on accuracy and effectiveness.

The canals are thoroughly cleaned and prepared by using irrigants. The canals are then appropriately sealed, ensuring rapid healing and recovery.

How are the canals prepared?

What medication is involved?

Typically, antibiotics are given to patients to clear the infection and anti-inflammatory painkillers to handle potential pain or discomfort.

Creative Dental Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinic offering advanced and ultra-modern root canal treatment in Pune. Our team of some of the most experienced Dental surgeons in Pune strives hard to provide the best dental treatments to our patients.

The revolutionary single sitting root canal treatment aims to bring a smile on each patient without having to visit the clinic multiple times to complete the procedures. Schedule an appointment with us today for a single sitting root canal treatment!

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